Home football Beerschot remains ill in the same bed even after the dismissal of Peter Maes | Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

Beerschot remains ill in the same bed even after the dismissal of Peter Maes | Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

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The dismissal of coach Peter Maes has not yet been able to cause a shock effect at Beerschot. Led by interim coach Marc Noë, Beerschot lost 3-1 on the field of KV Oostende.

Ostend – Beerschot in short

  • Key moment: After less than ten minutes, they have already seriously gone wrong twice at Beerschot. A team with a lack of confidence and without a win this season will never get over that.
  • Man of the Match: Makhtar Gueye converted the penalty at the 1-0 and forced Vanhamel into the error at the 2-0. The tall Senegalese has won just about every aerial duel and has now scored his fourth goal of the season. Of gold value for Ostend.
  • Remarkable: Marc Noë was last at the helm of Beerschot in 1999, when he lost 1-2 against Rita Berlaar in the third division. Not much later, trunk number 13 was deleted. Can we later delete Beerschot from 1A?

Beerschot swallows two quick goals

Sharpness from the first whistle, that was the least you could expect from Beerschot. And yet, after just over a minute, Frans committed an unnecessary foul in the box. Referee De Cremer needed the help of VAR, but the ball eventually went on the spot. Gueye didn’t hesitate and made it 1-0.

Moments later, another inattention cost the visitors a second goal. Vanhamel spilled a header from Gueye and Capon was much more sprightly than his guards. Ostend was sitting on roses with that double lead, which it didn’t even have to push for. Bourdin and Holzhauser were blocked in the same phase, but otherwise the enthusiasm of Beerschot after the 2-0 did not carry.

The 3-0 was closer than the 2-1. Coulibaly shot at Hubert after a nice dribble, but then there was plenty of work for Vanhamel again. First he kept Capon, again after a laxly defended corner, from his second and then he had to unpack on a bomb from Ambrose.

Ostend never really gets into trouble

After the break it became clear that Beerschot was absolutely not due to a lack of commitment and good will. Coulibaly turned free like Zidane, advanced and fired again at Hubert. The pale Soumaré was unable to tap an excellent cross from Halaimia past the goalkeeper and Suzuki’s flame to the square did not go in either.

A slightly shocked Ostend needed fifteen minutes to put things in order. After a wonderful, long drawn-out attack, Gueye headed straight for Vanhamel. Bätzner, who broke through diagonally in front of goal, also aimed a little too centrally. Amade did find the corner. He worked an attack in fits and starts with a watched place ball. At 3-0, the books could be closed permanently.

Still, a lot happened in the Diaz Arena. Substitute Osifo handled a pass from Halaimia lanky and let Soumaré’s effort, who hit the ball with his belly, just roll over the line. Beerschot kept trying touchingly. Even in the last minute of the added time. Pietermaat decorated a penalty with a schwalbe, until the VAR intervened. That was immediately the last feat of arms.

Pietermaat: “Urgent learning from our mistakes”

The schwalbe in the castle was still fresh in Tom Pietermaat’s memory. “I think I’ll just move away. I’m going to say that right away. That you get a yellow card while you want to promote fair play, that’s just childish. All well and good that there are rules, but if you follow the spirit of the game whistles, then you appreciate that I indicate that I am sliding away.”

The Beerschot midfielder was also clear about the early goals against. “I think it’s clear that we’re not awake at those stages. If you’re 2-0 down after five or six minutes… This happens every week. We need to learn from those mistakes very urgently, otherwise we’ll always go.” and it becomes a difficult story.”

After the break, there was a flare-up. “I personally think we played a more than decent second half. We brought a lot of movement and courage to the ball and were able to make it difficult for them at times. I’m not saying we had an incredible number of finished chances, but if you improve those half chances plays out, there is much more to it. We have to focus on that second half.”

Pietermaat does not yet want to think about doom. “We already knew last week that it would be difficult. Two weeks ago and three weeks ago. Actually, we already knew it at the start of the season. The second year is the year of confirmation. analyze and convert weaknesses. Then we’re going to get out of this. We have to keep the ranks closed and stay positive.”

  1. second half, minute 99 match over
  2. second half, minute 98. End. Beerschot continues to swing after the trainer’s dismissal. In Ostend, it never got over two early goals, although it continued to fight. .
  3. Yellow card for Tom Pietermaat van Beerschot during the second half, minute 98
  4. Schwalbe van Pietermaat. Deep in extra time, Pietermaat wants to score a penalty. That works first, but after the intervention of the VAR, that decision is rightly reversed. . second half, minute 97.
  5. second half, minute 92. Substitution at KV Oostende, Zech Medley in, Maxime D’Arpino out
  6. second half, minute 92. Apologies to D’Arpino, because he stumbles off the field with difficulty. So something was going on. We also get five minutes added time. .
  7. D’Arpino fell again. As in the first half, D’Arpino is writhing on the grass. We suspect a little bit of comedy in the last minutes of this match. . second half, minute 91.
  8. Yellow card for Thibault de Smet van Beerschot during the second half, minute 89
  9. Yellow card for Marko Kvasina of KV Oostende during the second half, minute 89
  10. second half, minute 88. Ambrose on Vanhamel. The 4-1 is suddenly approaching when Ambrose escapes. The attacker still has to work on his coolness, because he hits Vanhamel. .
  11. Yellow card for Thierry Ambrose of KV Oostende during the second half, minute 87
  12. second half, minute 86. Substitute Vaca sends a hard cross. That looks more dangerous than it is, but the Bolivian van Beerschot does pose a threat. .
  13. second half, minute 84. There is still some unrest in the Ostend ranks. .
  14. Goal during second half, minute 82 by Issa Soumaré van Beerschot. 3, 1.
  15. second half, minute 80. Osifo’s blunder! Osifo half processed a cross from Halaimia and added another miscalculation. Soumaré worms the ball over the line with his belly, while the defender watches. Hubert is late. .
  16. second half, minute 80. Replacement at Beerschot, Thibault de Smet in, Pierre Bourdin out
  17. second half, minute 79. Substitution at KV Oostende, Vincent Koziello in, Nick Batzner out
  18. second half, minute 78. Substitution at Beerschot, Moisés Caicedo in, Ismaila Coulibaly out
  19. second half, minute 78. Coulibaly, however one of the better players at Beerschot, has to make way for newcomer Caicedo. .

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