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Basketball – What will be the daily life of an unvaccinated NBA player

by archysport

PostedSeptember 29, 2021, 11:17

Several local media have obtained the 65-page memo sent Tuesday night to the 30 clubs by the North American league.

Bradley Beal (Washington Wizards) is one, like Brooklyn star Kyrie Irving, of the fifty players who are not vaccinated.


Daily tests, solitary meals, possibilities for outings and very limited interactions: next season, unvaccinated basketball players should be subject to very restrictive anti-Covid protocols that the NBA is trying to finalize, in agreement with the players’ union (NBPA ).

The memo of some 65 pages, obtained by several local media, was sent Tuesday evening to the 30 clubs by the North American league. And the restrictions, for many identical to those imposed last season, before the vaccine is available, promise to be strict for the refractory, who currently represent 10% of the contingent.

They will therefore have to undergo daily tests, during training, travel and match days, unlike the vaccinated and the so-called “level 1” staff required to be vaccinated, namely coaches and any other working person. regularly within 4.5 m of players and referees.

Vaccinated players and staff will only be tested if they show symptoms, are in contact or if required by a member of the team’s medical staff or a league doctor.

In addition, unvaccinated persons will be prohibited from eating in the same room as another player or “level 1” staff member and they will have to keep at least two meters from any other person. They will be assigned a locker as far away as possible from those of other players.


Teams were also instructed to avoid unvaccinated people sitting side by side. They will have to stay at home on match days at home and at the team hotel on away matches. The only exceptions are team activities and other so-called essentials, such as shopping or taking your children to school.

In addition, the unvaccinated will not be allowed to go to restaurants, bars, nightclubs, places of entertainment or large indoor gatherings. Apart from members of their family, they will only be able to have interactions with a “limited number of relatives” who must be tested beforehand.

If they are in contact, they will have to remain in quarantine for seven days. Vaccinees will not be subjected to isolation, except in “unusual circumstances”, but they will have to undergo a daily rapid test for the next seven days.

Mask required

A measure common to everyone, wearing a mask will be compulsory at all times in the club facilities (changing rooms, weight training, training and treatment rooms), including on the sidelines during matches. Ditto when traveling with the team, except in their hotel room, all under local or state regulations.

The only exceptions are the head coaches, who are under no obligation to be masked during matches and of course the players when they play.

About fifty players including stars Kyrie Irving (Brooklyn) and Bradley Beal (Washington) are not vaccinated. If the second, after having openly said refractory the day before, backpedaled Tuesday, saying that he could “consider” to be, the first maintains an open secret concerning him.

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has been vaccinated against Covid-19 but refuses to encourage anyone to do like him. “I can only speak for myself. Everyone has a choice to do what they think is right for them and their family. I admit I was very skeptical, but after doing my own research I thought it was best for me, my family and my friends. That’s why I decided to do it ”, he said during the“ Media Day ”of the Angelinos. This is the first time that James has spoken publicly about his choice. Earlier this year, he had repeatedly declined to say whether or not he would get the shot, arguing that it was in the private sphere.


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