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Basketball, Super Cup Serie B: Raggisolaris Faenza

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The dream of the Unicusano Pielle Livorno to reach the final eight of Super Cup from B series. After the successes in the derby with Libertas (60-70) and at Pala Coverciano against Pino Firenze (56-68), the boys of Da Prato surrender 61-58 to Raggisolaris Faenza of Vico and Reale at the end of 40 ‘hard-fought minutes, decided only by a triple in the final of the Argentine ex Bakery Piacenza and by three errors from the arc in the last minute of the white and blue.

Al PalaCatani the party is therefore neroverde but to the boys of Da Prato, commendable in always remaining attached to the game, you can not really complain about anything. What makes the difference, on balance, are the 18 points of the 35-year-old Argentine from Santa Fè, Sebastian Vico, at times unstoppable, the 15 of the 2002 Thomas Reale class and the 10 (with 14 rebounds) of the long Giovanni Poggi. At Pielle 11 rebounds by Giovanni Lenti, who however fails to contribute as usual in the implementation phase, while Iardella, Pederzini and Tempestini go in double figures, with Lemmi (9 points and 7 timbalances) who brings a lot of concreteness to the parquet. However, it is not enough for access to the finals in Lignano Sabbiadoro, but the start of the season of the Unicusano Pielle bodes well for the rest of the year.

Raggisolaris Faenza – Unicusano Pielle Livorno, the chronicle

First quarter

Pielle starts well with a Tempestini bomb that opens the match. On the other hand, there is Vico, an Argentine champion in the category, who keeps his team standing by scoring 10 points in six minutes. Halfway through the break of the hosts, a deadly 15-3 that closes the fraction at 25-14 for Poggi and associates.

Second quarter

The Unicusano, however, has character to sell and, having registered the defense, begins to recover by distributing the points equally on the parquet. The triples of Tempestini and Drocker are worth -2 (29-27), Vico and Reale score the new extension (34-27), but Lenti and Salvadori keep the azure-whites attached to the game and at the interval along the gap is only one possession (36-33).

Third fourth

Four points in a row by Poggi and a basket by Reale at the start of the second half sign the new +9 Faenza and Pielle is still forced to chase. He does it with Lemmi, Iardella, Pederzini and Tempestini who mend the gap (44-44 at 29 ‘) thanks also to a blackout of the Raggiosalris six minutes long. In the final 30 seconds, however, Ugolini’s bombshell and the usual Reale send the teams to the last rest at 49-44 for the green and black.

fourth bedroom

The last ten minutes are a competition of nerves rather than basketball. The shooting percentages continue to drop, Vico still finds +8 from the arc (54-46) which seems to close the game but Iardella’s two consecutive triples still reopen the accounts and Salvadotri’s basket is worth even the overtaking 2 minutes from late (57-58). La Pielle, however, no longer scores: instead Vico still does, with another triple, followed by Petrucci’s free throw which is worth 61-58 on the siren.

Raggisolaris Faenza, Unicusano Pielle Livorno, the match report

Raggisolaris Faenza – Unicusano Pielle Livorno 61-58 (partial 25-14, 11-19, 13-11, 12-14)
Raggisolaris Faenza

Sebastian Vico 18 (5/9, 2/7), Thomas Reale 15 (6/11, 1/4), Giovanni Poggi 10 (4/9, 0/0), Pietro Ugolini 6 (0/3, 2/5 ), Riccardo Ballabio 5 (2/4, 0/3), Marco Petrucci 3 (1/3, 0/3), Giacomo Siberna 2 (1/4, 0/3), Martino Ferrari 2 (1/1, 0 / 0), Marco Morara 0 (0/1, 0/0), Gianluca Mazzagatti 0 (0/0, 0/0), Fabio Cortecchia 0 (0/0, 0/0), Alesssandro Bianchi 0 (0/0 , 0/0).
Notes: Free throws: 6/8 – Bounces: 45 (18 + 27) (Giovanni Poggi 14) – Assist: 19 (Sebastian Vico, Thomas Reale 4)
Unicusano Pielle Livorno
Alessio Iardella 13 (2/5, 3/11), Riccardo Pederzini 11 (4/9, 0/1), Tommaso Tempestini 10 (1/2, 2/6), Michael Lemmi 9 (3/6, 0/0 ), Giovanni Lenti 6 (1/5, 0/0), Gian marco Drocker 5 (1/3, 1/4), Leonardo Salvadori 4 (2/3, 0/0), Gabriele Fin 0 (0/0, 0/3), Nannipieri Leonardo 0 (0/0, 0/0), Filippo Di sack 0 (0/0, 0/0).
Notes: Free throws: 12/17 – Rebounds: 37 (11 + 26) (Giovanni Lenti 11) – Assist: 19 (Tommaso Tempestini 7)

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