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Basketball shines with model of the coach Memo – Point U

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The head coach of the Tigres women’s basketball team, Guillermo Torres Salinas, continues to make history in the UANL blast sport by leading the Mexico Under 17 team to the Hungary 2022 World Cup after achieving third place in the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) Americas Championship.

The history of this triumph began in 2016, when the Tigres basketball representative was reengineered, with which Federico Sánchez was appointed as head coach of the University teams and Torres Salinas was appointed as coach. of the women’s squad.

Basketball shines with Coach Memo model

Since then the results have been favorable for the UANL and as a sample button are the National Championship of the Student Basketball League obtained in 2019 and the bronze medal achieved in the 2019 National Universiade, which was held at the Autonomous University of Mérida. , a situation that made the national leaders pay attention to the performance of the feline trainer, who graduated from the School of Sports Organization.

We had very good results in the Student Basketball Association league and in the Universiade. There they met us and later they invited me to give courses for coaches and institutions, using the model that the Tigres staff of coaches has implemented and that fortunately has given results ”.

Guillermo Torres Salinas

Head coach of the Tigres women’s basketball team

Goal accomplished

Guillermo Torres Salinas mentioned that his work at the head of the women’s basketball team at the University has meant a constant effort, with the advantage that it has had results in the short term.

“We took on the Sub 16 project at the end of July 2021 and four weeks later we were beating Argentina, which is a powerhouse in basketball, in the World Cup in which the best eight teams in America participated and where we obtained third place. and qualification for the championship to be held in Europe ”, he mentioned.

Basketball shines with Coach Memo model
Basketball shines with Coach Memo model

Coach Memo, as he is known on the national courts, said that for the Premundial he focused on having a thorough preparation, after he took the reins of the team with a few weeks before the event and had to carry out online training due to the pandemic , but even so, it imposed the stamp of the house and, with caste and courage, the players surrendered on the court achieving the classification to the world event.

The support of the UANL gave me confidence to face the commitment. We began to train six hours a day, in double session. At first there were 32 players and the cut was made until there were 12 female warriors ”.

Guillermo Torres Salinas

“We had no preparation games, as they were suspended. We arrived at the event with uncertainty of our level and the victory against the Argentines motivated us to keep going. We faced the qualifying game against Puerto Rico as a final and we won it by one point, which gave us the qualification. And then we beat Argentina again for third place, ”added the coach and current national champion of the Student Basketball League.

“I am very satisfied to be part of Tigres”

For coach Guillermo Torres Salinas it is a satisfaction that both players and managers identify him as Tigres coach, in addition to feeling proud that the sports work carried out at UANL is recognized.

“In this tournament, many players are interested in continuing or starting their studies at the University, as their championships at the Universiade have given them great prestige in Mexican university sports. For that and more, I am very satisfied to be part of Tigres ”, emphasized the coach who in the 1970s belonged to the Tigres basketball team.

Basketball shines with Coach Memo model
Basketball shines with Coach Memo model

Torres Salinas, who was a professional player in the Regios de Monterrey, the Red Ola of the Federal District and the Abejas de Puebla teams, sent a message of gratitude to his staff in the national team and hopes that the result will serve as an incentive for more players and feline players give their all in the state, regional, national and international competitions in which they participate.

If the Sub 16 completes its process well until reaching the higher category or at the University level, it will give a lot of prestige to Mexican basketball and will lift the spirits of all the players who carry a passion for basketball ”.

Guillermo Torres Salinas

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