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Baseball, Piazza from the ko with Italy to the European Championship on the death of his father

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The blue manager very close to his father Vince, whose obstinacy was decisive for his son to become a champion

On the diamond field with a broken heart for the death of his father. In the semifinal defeat at the European Championships in Avigliana against Israel, there was also the drama of the sad news received from the manager of Italy, Mike Piazza, blue manager. If Piazza became a baseball champion he owes it to his father Vincent, who left Sciacca, Sicily, with $ 300 after the war and a faith in baseball stronger than the mountain of dollars from a Ferrari dealer in Philadelphia. When his son was born, he decided to name him after Mike Schmidt, great Philadelphia third base. The baptism of the little Piazza was a photo with his father’s idol. Mike couldn’t make it into the diamond at first, and one day he said: “I was depressed, but dad almost bought a team to see me play in Major. He tried them all: he built me ​​an indoor batting tunnel complete with grass in his villa. artificial and stereo system. One day even Ted Williams came to me to give me advice on how to spin the bat “. The boy learned his lessons. And it broke through.


Yesterday the announcement of the president Andrea Marcon of the death of the father of the blue manager: “Mike has postponed his return to the United States to stay with the team in the semifinal. After the race, he asked me to be allowed to leave and, in addition to the obvious concession, I expressed my thanks and everyone’s participation in his pain. “Vince Piazza, a great friend of Tom Lasorda, was 92 years old and during the his life has built an empire by selling used cars. The team, the technical staff, the federal council, which met on Saturday morning at the J Hotel in Turin, gathered around Piazza. Tomorrow at 3 pm Italy will play for the bronze in Turin against Spain. Doriano Bindi, Vince Horsman, Gianmarco Faraone and Dan Bonanno will lead the team in this important match against Nelson Prada’s Spaniards. Mike, before saying goodbye to the boys, spoke about the defeat against Israel in the semifinal 11-5: “The guys worked hard, but with 13 bases on ball and more than 200 pitches it’s hard, because you can’t defend them. It was a hard night and this is a tournament where you can’t have hard nights. Of course since moment where we went under we tend to push a little more. At first we started relaxed, choosing the right pitches, then we started forcing and shooting difficult balls. In the end, we must also give credit to the opposing pitcher, Leptiz, who put us in trouble. It is a type of launch that we have never faced before. We fought but it wasn’t enough. Now we have to look forward to Sunday and we will fight to win against Spain. However, I would like to thank our fans for the support they have given us throughout the match ”. The blue staff will initially rely on Tiago Da Silva, already used as a starter (and winner) against Belgium.

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