Azzaro responded to Ruggeri: he treated him as a “crap” and accused him of receiving envelopes

The Selection, throughout its history, had supporters and detractors. There are those who stand on the side of light blue and white, as well as those who criticize the shortage of titles in recent decades.

In that sense, the “Albiceleste” generated a spicy cross between Oscar Ruggeri and Flavio Azzaro. The former footballer, in the program ESPN where he is a panelist, he fired large ammunition everywhere: he criticized Tapia’s management and accused several journalists who made a minute of silence when the story was unfavorable for the national team.

The message was intended primarily for Azzaro. And the journalist did not take long to pick up the glove, to the point that he tried to “shit” and of “ignorant“to the big head. “I know you are not lucid when it comes to expressing yourself. You are limited. You mixed the minute of silence with this Selection which are different things. And you talked about about. Do you talk about about, Ruggeri?”, he began by saying on his YouTube channel.

“I put you in the mud. You had to come out to answer me. You got into the jungle. You wanted and you want Argentina to lose. And I did not join the Scaloneta as you say. I have long felt identified with the National Team. And yes I was part of that minute of silence “, Azzaro downloaded in a video with risque words and serious accusations.

“And now he untreated me a lot, he talked about the kid. Let’s see Oscarcito de mi vida, now I got a little horny too. Since you make yourself horny. But you didn’t hit a pineapple in your life. You’re the bully on TV, But we didn’t see you fight with anyone. The only thing we saw similar to a handsome man in you was when you threw a back kick at Chilavert so I’m going to answer you one by one each of the things you said.“he continued.



“Look, all of us who are in this story know the question. I’m not like your friend Angelici who sends document letters. I don’t have that style. But name me. You better talk about me. If Tapia was the only program that was one of those who he was in the minute of silence he went to Polémica en el Bar. You want me to lose the national team. Always, since the time of Maradona. And now it was in evidence … In the Copa América you did the program with the face of a c … Then you made a montage with the shirt. It hurts you that many have criticized you, because they discovered you. “

“It’s a lie that more to the National Team, that you leave everything. You did that when you played. Then you dedicated yourself to squandering hatred because you were left out. your period as a player. You were a terrible player and you have no qualities for anything other than to tell your anecdotes on ESPN. “

“Nobody could hire you for something serious, because you are a media clown. It is for the only thing that gives you.”

“Did you talk about about? All of us here know that you do nothing for love. You do it for money. We have it known again. You are a sports ticket. Are you going to talk to me about about? When your friend, whom you represent his interests, he cast me on a channel for saying what I think. “

“Not me, Oscarcito. I am not afraid of you. And I no longer have respect for you. I do not like that you are handsome. You are handsome in peak. So what you said as a kid, you put me in a forced story without saying my name, because I do not believe anything “.




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