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At last they would tell Carlos Bilardo that Diego Maradona died

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Diego Maradona died on November 25 last year, but coach Carlos Bilardo, 1986 World Cup champion with the Argentine National Team, still does not know. The coach suffers from Hakim-Adams syndrome, a neurodegenerative disease that was diagnosed a couple of years ago, for which he keeps total rest and has not had public exposure again.

Bilardo is always accompanied and that is why in his environment they preferred that he did not find out about the death of the iconic Argentine ’10’, since they consider that the news could seriously affect him, taking into account that the strategist has a huge affection for the albiceleste idol. Months ago it was known that the technician was changed the channel of the television when his relatives felt that in the media they would talk about Maradona and his death.

However, everything seems to indicate that Bilardo’s relatives have decided that it is time to tell him the sad news. According to his brother on the Argentine radio station Radio Colonia, Several former players who were 1986 World Cup champions with Bilardo would be in charge of telling him about Maradona.

“He still doesn’t know about Diego, these days we are going to see if we get the boys, Ruggeri, Burru together so they can tell him. Diego was the male child who did not have ”, Jorge Bilardo said, quoted by the newspaper Olé.

What is striking is that Bilardo’s relatives not only hid Maradona’s death from him, but also that of two other footballers whom he was fond of: Oscar Malbernat and José Luis Brown.

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Bilardo’s brother assured that the coach is in good health and still maintains the habit that accompanied him throughout his life: watching as many football matches as possible. Last year, the 83-year-old technician overcame COVID-19, confirming that the body is giving good signs thinking about the future.


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