“Ariyoshi Zemi” Gal Sone “Gluttony Project” is Yarase? “Santaku again” “As usual …” –Maijitsu

Gal Sone (C) Maijitsu

In “Ariyoshi Zemi” (Nippon Television Network System) broadcast on September 27, talent gal Sone challenges a big eating project. Although it is a relatively popular gluttony project in the program, it seems that viewers are beginning to whisper “Gal Sone unnecessary theory”.

On this day, the guest will be Wolf Aaron, a gold medalist at the Tokyo Olympics. Set in a bistro cafe in Shinbashi, we aimed to complete the “Bombing Okayama Onigashima Plate” with a total weight of over 3.4 kg, which was loaded with B-class gourmet food from Okayama prefecture for eight people.

Gal Sone decided to start dash and blasted 1.2km in 10 minutes. Wolf, on the other hand, also squeezed 1.3 kg, making a slight difference to Gal Sone. After that, the fierce battle between the two continued, and even 38 minutes after the start, Gal Sone was 2.8 kg and Wolf was 2.9 kg, one step ahead. However, with 5 minutes remaining, Gal Sone suddenly gained momentum and finished eating at once. Wolf lost with only a few hundred grams left, but he was able to eat to the end without disturbing his pace.

Gal Sone is the only one who wins …

It was a strong Gal Sone as usual, but to the viewer’s eyes, it seemed that Wolf was slowing down. On the net,

“Wolf Aaron, you can afford to win! It was Miemie who set up Gal Sone on TV.
<< The flow is already good that Gal Sone must win absolutely. No matter how you look at it, Mr. Wolf should have been able to do it all at once.
《Gal Sone, if you eat up, you ’ll get a perfect score, so even if you do n’t get angry》
<< Wolf Aaron was absolutely winning. Yarase program as usual! Admit sloppy, defeat! 》

Booing is happening.

“I think the challenger is flirting with Gal Sone …” has been whispered for a long time. When Kensuke Fujita of the laughing combination “Total Ten Bosch” appeared on the broadcast on June 14th. , He was eating at an astonishing speed, but after Gal Sone commented that “Mr. Fujita will eat faster”, he was defeated by a small margin. Also, when Fujita appeared in the broadcast in August last year. He reached for the water just before the victory and was deliberately slowing down. I don’t think it’s a plan that Gal Sone must win, but the show side really wants to deify her. (Entertainment writer)

Just by seeing the guests desperately eating a large amount of gourmet food, the height is high enough to be clear. It is no wonder why the “Gal Sone unnecessary theory” emerged from viewers. What is the reason why the program is so obsessed with Gal Sone despite this?

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