Argentine journalist attacks Frank Fabra for not being a professional at Boca Juniors

Frank Fabra is one of the Colombians from Boca Juniors who seems sentenced to leave after six years of being in Argentine soccer, with good times and bad times.

Although he is one of the few national footballers who has not caused many problems in the ‘xeneize’ team, the fans and some journalists are angry against him for his sporting performance and his desire to leave the team.

However, on ESPN’s F12 Tuesday show, which airs in Argentina, journalist Leo Paradizo made strong comments that cast doubt on the professionalism of the Antioquia defender.

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Argentine journalist attacks Frank Fabra for “unprofessional”

Not to mention its source, after a colleague pointed out that the three Colombians are sentenced to leaveParadizo said that he received information that left Frank Fabra very badly off.

They told me about Fabra that they have it written down because it is unprofessional, not a bad person, who is different ”, were the words that provoked a debate among the panelists of the program.

When asked for an example, the communicator did not hesitate to point out specific actions that only those who live with Frank Fabra know or people who are very close to the player.

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“It is not cared for. He stays until 4 or 5 in the morning playing Play and eats 4 or 5 alfajores ”, he added in his information.

Mariano Juan, ex-footballer who was with José Pékerman in the Argentine national team, He did not agree with what his tablemate said and expressed: “It is a lack of respect for the player.”

However, rapt against Fabra, Paradizo continued: “Are you not overweight? See it on the court ”.

This was the moment during the ESPN show that several other people made comments about Frank Fabra:




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