Aitor Calle: «For me it is impossible to say no to Sestao River»


Sestao River

The coach of the green and black is “very happy” with the squad they have formed and highlights that they will not give up anything, but “with their feet on the ground”

Sestao River has already taken its first steps in a new competition such as Second RFEF. The green-black box has done it with impudence, beating Laredo 2-0 that aims to be at the top of the table. Aitor Calle, his new coach, does not hide his devotion to the sixteenth-century team. “For me it is impossible to say no to Sestao River, since I decided to be a coach, my great goal and my dream was to train here,” he says. He is “very happy” with the squad they have formed, which some already call the best of the group. He prefers not to talk about objectives, although “we dream big, but with the humility, work and sacrifice that have brought us here,” he says.

– Why did you decide to embark on the Sestao River?

It’s impossible for me to say no to Sestao River. It’s my home, I was a player in his day and I was lucky enough to experience a promotion. So, since I decided to be a coach, my big goal and my dream was to train here.

– How do you want the team to be displayed on the field?

We will seek to be a very competitive and intense team. We want to be most of the time in the opposite field and, above all, to be brave. To do this, we have to apply great pressure. We are going to maintain the essence that characterizes Sestao River and the style of play that took place last year. At the end of the day, we have kept thirteen players and it is the way that we believe is the most correct way to continue growing.

– The fact of having kept the block from last year, does it make you have more shot at this start of the league?

Yes, in that sense, it must be an advantage. The hallmarks have been maintained and it only remains for new people to adapt. In the first game, eight players started from last year. This favors us now and we must take advantage of it.

– Are you satisfied with the staff available to you?

Yes, I am very happy. We have a very competitive team, alternatives to play differently, two players per position and even with different profiles. Although, what I have more in mind is that they are people very committed to the club and very hard-working. They give it their all on a day-to-day basis and I am more than satisfied with them.

“We consider the template closed”

– At the moment, they have a free senior file. Do you have in mind to cover it in the coming weeks with an unemployed footballer?

At the moment, we are focused on the day to day. With the arrival of Pepe Blanco on the last market day we are already covered. It is true that we have that possibility, but right now we are not raising any of that. In principle, we consider the squad closed and I don’t think we will make any movement.

– There are many who call them favorites. Do you think they have the best squad in the group?

I don’t like calling teams favorites at the beginning of the season. It is a very even group where it is very difficult to win. For me there is no favorite or no cinderella. Also, experience tells me not to look much at the individualities in this category. That guarantees absolutely nothing. What matters to me is to form a solid group and that the performance does not decrease no matter who plays. Whoever achieves that will have a lot of cattle in this group.

– What goal is Sestao River set for this season?

The objective of the club is to continue growing and to be as high as possible. Logically, we have to keep our feet on the ground. We cannot get away from reality, which is none other than that we have just ascended. We want to enjoy it, without giving up anything. We dream big, but with the humility, work and sacrifice that has brought us here.

– For Sestao River, the return of the public is great news, right?

This is great news for sports and football in general. More in a club like ours, where the fans are one of the greatest assets. He is our 12th player and, in order to achieve our objectives, he is essential. We are very focused on rewarding them, we want to give them great joys and that they enjoy with us. May it be a beautiful year for everyone.




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