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About the collision between Hamilton and Verstappen. When a halo over life saves life in F1

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“Thank God for the Halo system. I think he saved me and saved my neck. It was a big blow, but the only thing I thought about even after the accident was whether I could continue the race, “said Hamilton in Monza.

The Halo system (halo in Czech) was introduced in F1 three years ago and it was a reaction to fatal accidents from various series, when a defenseless rider in an open cockpit was hit by a bouncing bike.

And according to subsequent simulations, up to 17 percent of serious incidents would not have had such bad consequences if the pilots had been protected before. No, it was not a novelty that everyone would enthusiastically accept. Romain Grosjean, for example, sharply criticized her, because open cockpits are a significant feature of the formula series and a certain dose of risk simply belongs to F1.

The same man said last year: “I wasn’t for Halo a few years ago, but now I know it’s the best thing that happened in F1. I wouldn’t talk to you here without it. “

Even after a terrible accident in Bahrain, the halo saved his life.

And there are more of those F1 drivers – for example Leclerc, Alonso, now Hamilton has been added to them. After a collision at Monza at a relatively low speed, Max Verstappen’s monopost was fired into the air before landing and driving on Hamilton’s car. And the magnified shots showed that the wheel had crossed the halo and “lightly” touched the rider’s helmet.

In this way, Hamilton still tried to back away, shake off Verstappen’s redbull and continue the race, but the damage to the car was enormous.

The International Automobile Federation (FIA) also wants to deal with the accident again; according to race director Michael Masi, it was unusual. “Our security department will take a closer look at this, investigate and see how we can learn and what we can improve in the future.”

Verstappen was punished for losing two aspirants to the title by losing three places at the start of the next race. Wolff, the head of the Mercedes stable for Hamilton, described this as a “tactical foul” by the sock, which kept him in the championship.

“He knew that if Lewis stayed ahead of him, he could win the race.”

Red Bull boss Christian Horner said for a change it was a racing incident in which it was 50 to 50.



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