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A Warrior shakes Andrew Wiggins in front of everyone!

by archysport

Author of a very controversial decision on the pandemic, Andrew Wiggins is now attracting the wrath of a lot of people. Even his own teammates are hostile towards him… One of them even put him in his place in public!

Suspended half of the season by the NBAAndrew Wiggins is one of the big talking points right now. His refusal to be vaccinated is central to the Warriors, and many players were asked about his case on Media Day, notably the franchise player Stephen Curry.

However, if the Chef was still relatively conciliatory with his teammate, others have adopted a decidedly more virulent tone towards the former No. 1 draft. Recently, it was Nemanja Bjelica who publicly raised the straps to Wiggins! The Serbian’s message was, moreover, very clear:

Bjelica in the hallway, facing Wiggins: “Take the injection. “

Obviously, the Canadian is not particularly in the odor of sanctity with all the Dubs … However, do not count on him to change his position, he will even stick to it. Asked during Media Day, the former Kansas college student reiterated his wish to remain unvaccinated, even if it means suffering the consequences.

Andrew Wiggins: “I have my back clearly to the wall. I will continue to fight for what I believe. What is right for one person is not fair for another and vice versa. “

One thing is certain, this affair does nothing to those of the Warriors, while the training camps will begin shortly… It would not be surprising if the Californians were looking to get rid of the winger in the times to come.

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