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A Spanish beach tennis team breaks a Guinness record by playing for 24 hours straight

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Can you imagine playing 24 hours straight at beach tennis? Then a Spanish team has managed to beat the Guinness record this morning in Valencia. They started at 12 noon yesterday, and at the same time today they finished. The wear has been incredible, how could it be otherwise.

24 hours without rest, this is how these beach tennis players have been: “They have called us crazy, but they have always supported this madness,” says Beatriz Bilbao, Madrid beach tennis champion.

The players have achieved an incredible Guinness record in a modality that mix paddle tennis and volleyball and they have taken it to extreme levels. “It has been very hard. Everyone has had very bad moments.” Yet they have achieved what no one has ever achieved before: a whole day without rest playing Beach Tennis.

The help of the physiotherapists was essential

After more than a year preparing to break the Guinness World Record, there was little doubt whether they were going to make it or not: “I had no doubts,” says Carlos Ruiz, a beach tennis player.

For it it was fundamental the help of the physios with whom they tried to recover in between times: “Luckily there has been nothing serious,” says physiotherapist Alba Balandín.

Of course, if there were some other unforeseen events: “I have injured my right hand and I have had to play with my lefta, it was a bit complicated, but it was worth it “, says Rufi Mendoza, Madrid beach tennis champion.

All those involved in “this madness” ended up very excited and thanks to the support of dozens of people, who were giving encouragement, they have the strength to face any other challenge in the style of this fought Guinness record.

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