3 very early goals for the 2021-22 NBA trading deadline

Boston Celtics Brad Stevens (Foto von Maddie Malhotra/Getty Images)

The Boston Celtics have played this offseason as the new president of basketball operations Brad Stevens and quickly proven that he is not afraid to make trades if he believes it will help the basketball team both on the court and in creation some flexibility with the salary cap.

Stevens immediately made a name for himself by swapping Kemba Walker for a deal that brought Al Horford back. Then he did business to acquire Josh Richardson and Kris Dunn. Then he turned and traded Dunn for a deal with the Memphis Grizzlies Juancho Hermangomez erwerben.

But the move that could pay off by the end of the NBA trading deadline is a $ 17.1 million trade exception created by the sign-and-trade deal with the New York Knicks involving Evan Fournier .

Boston Celtics have another chance to capitalize on the value of a trading exception

Great, another trade exception, right? Well, given Stevens’ early resume as a front office manager, it can be assumed that he will use the trading exception when the time is right for a player to benefit the team.

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In a recent Bleacher Report article, Greg Swartz makes some interesting ones way too early 2022 NBA trade predictions. One of them concerns the Celtics and this $ 17.1 million trade exception. While that prediction doesn’t include adding another big star like Damian Lillard or Bradley Beal to team up with Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown to form a new Big 3, there are some interesting names that could help add to the team in a variety of ways strengthen.

In his prediction, Swartz writes:

“A trade exception, of course, means that Boston does not have to pay back any salary and can accept one or more player salaries of $ 17.1 million or less. Exceptions are for a calendar year, meaning the Celtics have until July 17, 2022 to use or lose them.

“Players who could fit into this new exception and be available are Steven Adams ($ 17.1 million) center of Memphis Grizzlies, Markelle Fultz ($ 16.5 million) point guard of Orlando Magic, and Davis Bertans ($ 16 million) and Kyle Kuzma ($ 13 million) of the Washington Wizards). “

Some interesting names among them, especially Kuzma. But with early predictions like this, it’s hard to know what that team will be under new head coach Ime Udoka.

With the addition of new players like Richardson, Hermagomez and Dennis Schröder, and the return of Horford and Enes Kanter, the Boston Celtics 2021-22 should be a much deeper team, especially as players like Robert Williams, Payton Pritchard, Romeo Langford and Aaron Nesmith keep growing .

What will this team even need by the NBA trading deadline? Now that the team is in place, Schwartz’s early prediction inspired me to look at 3 players who could have an impact. Only one of these players is a player suggested by Schwartz. Wanna guess who

Well, let’s explore.



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