14th National Games Baseball Finals 1:3 regret defeat Jiangsu Tianjin team runner-up (Figure)_Offense

Original title: The 14th National Games Baseball Finals 1:3 regretted losing to Jiangsu and Tianjin team in runner-up (photo)

The baseball finals of the 14th National Games ended last night at the baseball field of the Huyi campus of Xi’an Institute of Physical Education in Shaanxi Province. After fierce competition, the defending champion Tianjin team defeated the strong Jiangsu team 1:3 and finished second. This is also the first time that the Jiangsu baseball team has entered the National Games finals and won the National Games championship for the first time in team history.

Xi’an, September 12th (Reporter Liang Bin and Cui Yueyong) In the 14th National Games Baseball Finals tonight, Tianjin and Jiangsu both played their main players. In the second half of the first game, the faster Jiangsu team scored 2 points with high-quality hits. On the other hand, the Tianjin team, who was behind in the score, was eager to win the championship and was slightly impatient. The team had many chances to get on base, but the ability to seize the opportunity was not strong. In addition, the offensive tactics were somewhat conservative, which made it difficult for the offensive end to give the opponent enough pressure. Difficult to rewrite. In the sixth game, the more and more courageous Jiangsu team hit a high-quality home run and added another point, leading by 3:0. In the seventh inning, the Tianjin team scored a point from first baseman Wang Jingchao. In the ninth game, the Tianjin team, which never gave up, created a chance to score, but was successfully protected by the better overall performance of the Jiangsu team. In the end, the Tianjin team unfortunately lost 1:3 to the opponent and missed the chance to defend the title.

After the game, the Tianjin baseball team’s head coach Jiao Yi believed that the Jiangsu team’s pitchers played very well in this campaign and effectively restrained the Tianjin team’s offense. The team did not perform as well as the previous game. The championship battle mainly depends on on-the-spot performance. Jiangsu team played better offensively and defensively. It is a pity that the team failed to defend the title. Today the team’s starting pitcher did not perform well. Stability makes the team very passive in the situation, and everyone behind the score behaves impatiently.”

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