Yerry Mina gains ground among Everton starters, sacrifice sum with Rafa Benítez, Premier League | Colombians Abroad

Yerry Mina arrived from her vacation and did so by setting an example: she saw the change of coach was a problem and a solution in itself; he took care of himself at halftime and he takes care of himself in every statement so that his voice does not obscure his work in training and in the competition itself; He arrived, head down, aware that the obligation was his, and concentrated on doing the best he can. He understood everything.

Last weekend he was qualified by 6 points in the tie against Leeds (2-2) which has it with the same points of Manchester United (4) and in fifth place in the Premier League standings.

What did? He ate Patrick Bamford alive, in a veritable 90-minute battle on Elland Road. His image fighting him in an action on the line, which was a sensation on social networks, was just a sign: yes, the attacker overcame him at the beginning of the game, but with sheer effort he was taking him to his field until neutralizing him.

“It started with Bamford catching the Blues center-back a couple of times early in the game, with the Colombian international looking a bit lazy on possession. And their discussions continued in the second half as Mina began to dominate his opponent, making sure that he did not have opportunities to hit the goal, “declared the Liverpool Echo newspaper about the Cauca.

Mina looked firmer as she added minutes on the court, corrected mistakes with the classic balls on her back that often make her suffer, and used all her weapons, especially one she learned a few weeks ago at the recent Copa América in Brazil.

Do you remember the lesson that Emiliano Martínez, Argentina’s goalkeeper, gave him when he beat him ‘lip service’ on penalties in the semifinal against Argentina? The good Mina took note because this time, in his incipient English, he repeated the dose to Bamford: “each block or inning was followed by some comments from the center back towards the forward, and even a movement of the finger in the face of the 27-year-old player. years at some point. Mind games are clearly part of the Everton man’s strategy. “

Mine becomes necessary at the point of effort. It will be his fatherhood, his head thinking only about football in Everton and the Premier, it will be his awareness that no team is ‘killing’ itself for signing him. It will be one or all those keys together, the truth is that they make you want to one day share them on Twitch, to see if they also reach your compatriot James Rodríguez, who with the passing of the hours seems to be closer to permanence than to the exit of the blue house. What if you try, Mina?



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