VRT distances itself from inappropriate statements by sports journalist Eddy Demarez

Sports journalist Eddy Demarez apologizes to the Belgian Cats: “In the euphoria after the honoring of the returned medalists, I made statements in a private conversation away from the studio that seriously crossed the line. I never intended to offend anyone on the basis of gender or orientation. It is doubly unfortunate that these statements are a stain on the Games that were very successful for Team Belgium and Sporza.”

“I would therefore like to sincerely apologize to the Belgian Cats and their team and also to anyone who feels offended, addressed or neglected by this. I have asked the Belgian Cats to personally send them my apologies. I draw the necessary lessons and make sure this doesn’t happen again in the future.”

The VRT management takes this too seriously. This goes completely against the positive policy that the VRT wants to pursue. The VRT will talk to Eddy and in the meantime he will no longer comment on programs. Such statements cannot be tolerated.



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