Verstappen is thwarted by Mercedes again, Hamilton is dizzy after ceremony | formula 1

Two weeks ago it was already over arms between Red Bull and Mercedes after Lewis Hamilton’s maneuver with Max Verstappen on the Silverstone circuit.

In Hungary there was a new chapter, this time with Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas as the culprit.

The Finn braked much too late at the first corner on a wet circuit and rammed into Max Verstappen, among others, in the pile-up. He saw his chances of a good listing go up in smoke in one fell swoop.

“I’m being taken out of the race by a Mercedes again. That’s not what you want,” Verstappen reacted after the race, in which he eventually finished 9th (after Sebastian Vettel’s disqualification).

“My car was very badly damaged. It was almost impossible to race. But I still got one point. That’s still something.”

Verstappen and co can now reflect on the summer break. “I will be there again, but I hope for a competitive car. At the moment all these crazy situations cost us a lot of points.”

At his team Red Bull they are still with their hands in the hair. They have to work hard again, also with teammate Sergio Perez. “This is so frustrating. We are paying a heavy price for the damage.”

Lewis Hamilton was unable to take full advantage of his World Cup rival’s bad luck. After a dubious tire choice, the Briton finished 2nd (after Sebastian Vettel’s disqualification).

Hamilton, who now leads the World Cup standings, was absent from the press chat at first. His team indicated that the Briton was dizzy, but Hamilton came by to explain.

“I feel okay now. During the podium ceremony it became black for a while. I have been fighting for a whole year to stay healthy after my corona infection from last year. It remains a struggle.”

About the spectacular race: “We have not made it easy for ourselves again, but we will learn from this. There are still many races on the calendar.”

And what was the explanation for that wrong tire choice? “I told the team on the warm-up lap before the restart what the track was like, but they said the rain was coming when we got in the car, so I thought they had other information.” Hamilton still had to pit and started the restart last.


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