Transfer Rumor Recap: Locatelli Saga Until, AC Milan Replaces Kessie

Manuel Locatelli.

INDOSPORT.COM – A summary of the transfer rumours summarized throughout Saturday (14/08/2021) including the continuation of the Manuel Locatelli saga, as well as AC Milan’s efforts to find a replacement for Franck Kessie.

Juventus and Sassuolo have yet to reach an agreement on Locatelli. The problem is definitely not far from the purchase price.

The Bianconeri still insists that the midfielder for the Italian national team deserves to be priced at 30 million Euros or around 513 billion Rupiah. Meanwhile The NeroverdI remained unmoved because I felt Locatelli deserved at least 10 million Euros more.

Although Juventus were initially quite confident in their chances of being able to bring in the 24-year-old midfielder because they already liked each other, Goal reported that they were starting to feel uncomfortable too. The final offer for Locatelli will be made in the near future.

Juventus’ interest in Locatelli is no longer hidden. Through Pavel Nedved as their vice-president, the Old Lady was confident that she would be able to secure the target’s signature as soon as possible.

“We spoke with Sassuolo and we made our offer, which we believe is appropriate for the current climate, in the way that finances and the transfer market are affected by Covid,” Nedeved said.

“We believe this is a good offer and it is the right one. We always believe. Naturally, in negotiations there are things that must be clarified and resolved. When you want a player and the player wants you, it becomes clear.”

In addition to news from Juventus and Locatelli, there are a number of other news related to the summer transfer market that you can check out. Here’s a summary.



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