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On the menu of Top Declarations this week, Tchouamni’s fight against racism, PSG ignited, Barzagli haunted by Mbapp, Ferdinand’s joke on Pogba, Alonzo dzingue Paris for Navas, Eriksen’s hope… Discover the shocking sentences of the week.

Aurlien Tchouamni was targeted by racist cries.

Every Saturday, Maxifoot invites you to take a tour of the ten statements of the week that should not be missed. Serious and at least serious to know the best of the little phrases of the players of the round ball. Discover the ranking of all the statements that made the headlines in the press this week.

1. Aurlien Tchouamni – These acts must not go unpunished. There will be buzz for a day or two, then we will continue until the next one. Taking a stand against racism is easy, taking action is something else. (…) Yesterday, our cam club was in the field and captured everything. It was loud and clear. We have heard it. It is our turn to be heard. Racism does not belong to football, nor any other place for that matter. Diversity is the most precious thing we have in this world and it makes it beautiful. I thank you all for the messages of support that I have received. I am Aurlien Tchouamni and I am proud of my roots. No one will take it away from me (Twitter, 08/04/2021)

Targeted by racist cries from supporters of Sparta Prague (2-0) after his goal in the Champions League, the midfielder of AS Monaco gave a huge rant.

2. Philip Holzer – Just look at the transfer market this summer. You can clearly see that Covid-19 is hitting ‘traditional’ clubs much harder. Who is the spending peak? RB Leipzig, but they also brought in some money. And then Paris Saint-Germain directly. It’s an evolution that I don’t like at all. In my opinion, PSG is the club that many would least like to see win the Champions League. (Frankfurter Rundschau, le 03/08/2021)

The president of Frankfurt lit Paris Saint-Germain for free!

3. Andrea Barzagli – I remember as if it was yesterday how Monaco felt against Mbapp who was only 18: he was going 3,000 an hour. At the end of the match, I went to see Paratici and I said to him: ‘what are we waiting for to recruit him?’ The sports director made me understand that everyone already wanted it and that it was almost impossible (Tuttosport, 08/01/2021)

Real phenomenon with AS Monaco in the Champions League during the 2016-2017 season, the French had made the former defender of Juventus Turin live in hell.

4. Rio Ferdinand – If Paul Pogba doesn’t come back from Manchester United training, we’ll see how the English media and the fans go crazy! Helicopters and the police will immediately be sent to look for him. (Twitter, 08/02/2021)

The joke (however real) of the former defender of Manchester United concerning the French compared to the attitude of Harry Kane, who would have schemed the recovery to force his departure from Tottenham.

5. Jrme Alonzo – Respect for a player who in two seasons brought you to the final and then to the semi-finals of the Champions League, who has led a sick locker room, who has the support of everyone, who is a guide, a pride , which has a solar side which reflects on the team … If Donnarumma had been ready two years, there would have been no debate. But l… I do not endorse, but then not at all! Honestly, it is disrespect for a manager and a guard who gave you everything, everything. Because I insist: factually, Keylor Navas changed the size of the club. And you thank him by putting a future phenomenon in his paws? I am very, very angry for him. has made me crazy. When is my club going to learn from its mistakes and grow? (La Chane L’Equipe, 08/01/2021)

The former Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper cannot stand the capital club’s lack of respect with Keylor Navas …

6. Olivier Giroud – I am still very motivated, and if you have to, your body can only follow. It’s all about the mind, and that’s what makes you understand how far you can go with your physique. Ibrahimovic, who is a little older, will be able to testify to this. Signing here is not revenge on the critics. But I want to keep giving my best for Milan and football. I can say that Papy Giroud is still there (Press conference, 08/01/2021)

Signed by AC Milan this summer from Chelsea, the French international has every intention of shining despite the weight of the years.

7. Daniel Riolo – I do not know what the result of this poll is worth (nearly 26,000 voters, editor’s note), but it proves once again that PSG supporters are slashed in two with a huge share of young footballers… Evolution of football take into account … unfortunately (Twitter, 08/04/2021)

The consultant of radio RMC turned on some Parisian supporters, in favor of the return of AC Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

8. Basile Boli – Something is happening OM, there is a palpable dynamism. We can do as Lille the season passes. I feel it (L’Equipe, 08/04/2021)

The former defender of Olympique de Marseille obviously believes a great season for the club phocen. He is perhaps not the most objective on the subject …

9. Jean-Pierre Caillot, about El Bilal Tour – There are players who had exit vouchers, there are some who have exit vouchers, he does not. For six months, there had already been very high demands on him, it was explained to him that he had to do a full year before leaving. So, in this case, the only advice I gave El Bilal is that he get back very quickly in the direction of travel, that he has a good season and next year, we can evoke a departure. Either way, he won’t be leaving this year. And if he wants to go to Pro 2 or stay at home, this is what will happen to him for the whole year (France Bleu Champagne, 08/01/2021)

A particularly strong position on the part of the President of Reims!

Christian Eriksen – I took over … In four-five months I’ll be back to play (Discussion, 08/04/2021)

Almost two months after his heart failure at the Euro, the attacking midfielder of Inter Milan is already preparing his return!

It is on this statement that the Top Statements of the week ends. See you next Saturday for a new issue!



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