three technicians have left their positions on five dates of the championship

The massive exits of coaches in Colombian soccer teams have become a trend. This situation seems to be increasing over the years. After five days of the league, there are already three technicians who are not still in charge of their clubs, Giovanny Ruiz, Eduardo Lara and Dayron Pérez.

On the fifth day, Lara left the Once Caldas bench after losing the classic of the coffee region to Pereira 0-2. The adverse results of the white team (three defeats, a draw and a victory) led the Valle del Cauca strategist to be removed from the club.

Dayron Pérez, of Atlético Huila, also said goodbye after the 0-2 loss to Águilas on Monday night.

The first manager to be dismissed from the post was Giovanny Ruiz, former coach of Deportivo Pasto. After the defeat against Alianza Petrolera (2-0) as a visitor, Ruiz did not have the backing of the managers to continue. The start in the championship was not the best for the ‘volcanoes’, they registered three defeats and a draw at the hands of Ruiz.

In order to get opinions on what is happening with the constant movement of technicians in Colombian soccer, two coaches and a journalist gave their vision of the situation.

According to the points of view, the technicians agree that the championship model does not favor the coaches, since a process is not respected and the result is prioritized over the work that is being tried to develop.

Coach Jorge Luis Pinto believes that the short format plays against strategists, so it should be thought about modifying it to give more continuity to the projects. Although for him in the lucrative part the institutions are the biggest beneficiaries.

“The championship can produce something economically, but it is not ideal. It seems to me that we have to go back to the long tournament. I feel like a lot of teams are being sacrificed, almost 70 percent, with four months of the year left unoccupied. This is also detrimental for the economic part and for the sports part as well ”, expressed Pinto.

For his part, DT Diego Corredor pointed out that on the financial side “the short tournament is very good for the teams because anyone can reach the finals.”

Corredor, who was removed from his post at Deportivo Pasto last semester, does not see this competition model favorably.

“For coaches it is detrimental because they ask for immediate results, processes are not respected. Technicians who are not given things in two or three dates, cut them off. For us, it would be the best to have a long tournament that lasts a whole year because there is time to experience the changes that appear in the payroll ”, explained Corredor.

And as for the frequent change of the coaches, the Tunja-born strategist stated: “This could be fought when the objectives of a club are clear, the philosophy of the game so as not to be changing the coach. You should think about which technician is the right one to take over the project. Coaches from different lines arrive and it is time to start from scratch, which is why there are so many technical exits. We are seeing that here the culture is the result, if you do not win, you are bad and the leaders, when they feel the pressure of the fans, pay attention by taking out the coach ”.

After the dismissal of Lara, Pérez and Ruiz, and the uncomfortable situation experienced by coaches Alfredo Arias, Amaranto Perea and Jorge Luis Bernal, journalist Marino Millán said that it is very unfair that technicians always have to be sentenced for poor results.
“In football, a large percentage belongs to the players, I don’t know why the coaches always have to pay for the broken dishes,” said the renowned commentator.

It is not even half of the championship yet and there are already several committed coaches in their clubs. The sixth day will be decisive for some coaches, who urge a victory to take oxygen.

They must already be planning the duel they will face as a final with their clients. Getting three points would save them from being part of the list of headless technicians of the current tournament, which is already beginning to add names.




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