This is basketball … not a bag! I’m excited about the playful new work of beautiful people –isuta (Ista) –I don’t lie to my “like”. —

“Beautiful people”From, new collections that are fun to cross over the common sense of fashion are appearing one after another.

Unique products such as basketball-like bags and origami-like bags that can be folded and reshaped are sold at directly managed stores and online stores nationwide.

basketball drawstring logo emboss bag

Realistic enough to be mistaken for real basketballbasketball drawstring logo emboss bag」(39,600 yen including tax) is a ball-shaped drawstring bag.

In addition to the artificial leather material used for the actual ball, the bag body is made to match the line of the ball, which makes it look like the real thing when viewed from below. In order to create a modal atmosphere, he was particular about the exquisite form that was not just a sphere.

Available in two colors, black and orange, the orange color, which is closer to the real thing, is sold only at the beautiful people Aoyama store and online store.

double pressed tote bag

this「double pressed tote bag」(17,600 yen including tax) is a mysterious tote bag that changes shape according to the polygonal line.

The line is made to stand out, and you can fold it up, unfold it, and change its shape like origami. It is said that it was “pressed”, which is generally used for finishing pants and shirts, and was hard-finished with two hard coatings.

If you look closely, you will notice that the “chambray fabric”, which is carefully woven by craftsmen in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, has marbling-like stitches. By driving the thick thread to the limit, it is finished in an elegant yet sturdy material.

One of the points is that the quality label, which is usually attached to the inside of clothes, is greatly decorated on the table.

The bag that you can enjoy like patter and origami can be arranged in various shapes depending on your mood, and you can also fold it and store it compactly when not in use. Available in 3 colors: black / blue / mustard.

recycled felt assemble bag

Sustainable recycled felt bag「recycled felt assemble bag」In (33,000 yen including tax), a new color “multicolor” has appeared.

Laser-cut felt at a car seat factory is assembled with studs to create a single bag. It is an item that condenses the fun of creating a solid from a single plane.

There are no joints, and the smooth curves and soft appearance created by it are a big attraction. When not in use, it can be easily disassembled and stored as a single piece of felt, so there is no problem with storage space.

Felt fabric, which is a mixture of various colors, is a sustainable material made by compressing recycled fibers from PET bottles. The original logo button is used for the studs that are the key to assembly, and the attention to detail that shines seems to be beautiful people.

In addition to the existing ecru / gray, the multi-color that appeared this time is added, and all three colors are developed.

Other playful items

In addition to this, there are goods born from a unique combination such as bags inspired by car mats used in the car and gloves made from elegant fabrics made by the oldest factory in the UK for industrial use. We have a lineup.

Only one-of-a-kind items completed by combining materials, techniques, and ideas that are not generally used in fashion.

It’s easy to be fascinated by the unique design, but the beautiful people’s manufacturing is very comfortable and practical because it is carefully crafted by craftsmen who are particular about the selection of raw materials and materials.

Now that it’s difficult to go out and you don’t feel well, why not take it into your daily life?

beautiful people official online store

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