The Tennis Tour Escalera 2021 is coming in Mazatlán and Culiacán

MAZATLÁN._ Everything is getting ready for the tennis players of Mazatlán and Culiacán to join the first tournament called Tennis Tour Ladder 2021, which will be launched from September 6.

The best tennis exponents from both cities will meet to be part of this competition, which aims to provide points to its participants to begin to climb positions within the municipal ranking.

It will be the Singles ‘D’, Singles ‘C’, Singles ‘B’ and Singles ‘A’ categories, those called for this competition, where each tennis player will be playing one game per week, for three months.

The competition system for Singles ‘A’ and ‘B’ categories will be to win two out of three sets, while Singles ‘D’ and ‘C’ (under 45 years old) will play two out of three sets with super tie-breaker.

For its part, Singles ‘C’ and ‘D’ (Over 45 years) will be playing to win a set of eight games.

The tournament will be counting on the participation of different Mazatlan clubs, such as Kilometer Zero, Club Deportivo Muralla, Racquet Club Las Gaviotas, Casa Club El Cid, Club Cardonas, Colegio Montfort and Club Cachoras.

For its part, in Culiacán it will be playing at the Country Club, Revolution Club and Country Club.

The competition will feature cash prizes and sporting goods for the champions and finalists in each category.

Registration is already open and will cost 500 pesos per player, they can be done directly with the pro’s of the different participating clubs.




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