The San Francisco Giants Stadium stood up to Madison Bumgarner – Marseille News

The Arizona DBacks pitcher, Madison Bumgarner, He returned this Tuesday to the house of The giants of San Francisco where he was received in an extremely moving manner, his former baseball home in Las Vegas. Big leagues (MLB).

Through the game giants vs Dbacks à Oracle Park, Madison Bumgarnera marked his return to this city where he experienced memorable things in his career as Big leagues, which is why San Francisco fans greeted him with an emotional ovation.

Bumgarner started his career in the MLB in 2009 with giants, being for a decade the ace of the starting rotation, bringing joy and great things to this organization, which was at the top of baseball and its work was important there.

Here the video:

Yes OK Madison’s ass He was not scheduled to start today against the giants, it was no obstacle for the fans who, with a shower of applause and songs in the stands, thanked everything this pitcher did for them in the MLB.

Impossible not to get excited and where the ex-pitcher of giants He even showed tears, but surely tears of gratitude and realizing that he is loved, that his job has been done in a great way and that he will always be received by this hobby in the MLB.

From 2009 to 2019 Bumgarner He wore the uniform of giants In the major leagues, where he was a four-time All-Star, he won three World Series rings, two Silver Bats and at one point one of the best pitchers in all of baseball.



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