The motorcycle did not brake and the tires slipped. In Austria, Binder won the MotoGP by riding as a stuntman

Sunday’s MotoGP race at the Red Bull Ring went down in the history of the championship as one of the most dramatic. Brad Binder took a risk bet in the saddle of KTM.

The second race of the World Cup took place in Spielberg in seven days. The owner of the circuit, the beverage giant Red Bull, does not have the slightest problem with lower attendance, accompanying similar double events.

Unlike the GP of Styria, however, the company named the Austrian Grand Prix brought an incredible dose of emotion. It was taken care of by the rain, which descended to the track in the foothills of the Alps at the very end.

With only six laps left until the finish line, almost all the riders in the leading group decided to go to the pits for the spare motorcycles with tires with a sample designed for water.

In MotoGP, the Grand Prix is ​​not interrupted when a wet race is announced (unless there is a mass accident or extreme downpour) and riders in the depot can exchange their motorcycle for another with suitable footwear.

Marc Marquez, Francesco Bagnaia, Fabio Quartararo, Jorge Martin and Joan Mir took the six wet bikes long enough for the detour to the mechanics to pay off.

A key moment. Five riders go to the depot, the sixth stays on the track:

Binder thought differently and stayed on the track. “I figured it out in my mind and I said to myself that I have nothing to lose in the domestic KTM plant,” said a South African racing in a factory stable of an Austrian brand.

But the last round was literally suffering for him. “I tried something that is literally impossible. I tried to drive on wet asphalt as best I could. I took almost a step into the corners and hit it full on the straights,” the 26-year-old rider described his strategy.

The risk did not have to pay off for the 2016 Moto3 World Champion at all. “Honestly, in the final lap I thought I had finished several times. In the third turn the bike didn’t want to stop at all, only the rear brake worked a bit. It was a fous. In the long right turns the tires didn’t hold at all,” added the South African.

The Red Bull Ring is known for its unpredictable weather. | Photo: Red Bull Content Pool

But the effort was ultimately successful. “I was still waiting for someone to run next to me. When I saw the checkerboard flag, I felt overwhelmed with relief that it was behind me. On the other hand, I couldn’t believe I could win,” Binder added.

The KTM rider crossed the finish line with a lead of 12.9 seconds over Bagnaia, who was the fastest in the group chasing a brave rival on machines with “wet” footwear.

“I was supposed to stay on the track. My first feeling at the finish was anger, but in the end the joy of being second prevailed,” said Italian saddler Ducati, who moved up to second place in the championship standings with 20 points.

Binder was very lucky that the race was announced for just 28 laps. In the final lap he was more than fourteen seconds slower than Bagnaia. Ride one more lap, KTM is guaranteed not to celebrate at home…



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