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Rodrigo Borda, Lic. Physical Education (UNCa), Master in Sports Performance INEFC-UB.PF esp. in Basketball, University Prof. at UCSE and Co-Dir. from BScience, dialogue with Pick & Roll about its presence on the Taf Viejo campus to be held in the coming weeks

“From my position as professor of sports training chair, this campus is fundamental because basketball is a team sport. If it is not the best third sport in Argentina, it will surely be there, therefore a teacher has to be well founded and well detailed his training in this sport to be able to develop it in schools ”

“Generating the first step of sports development, which is the foundation that occurs in schools, and then the specialization that occurs in clubs. The physical education teacher and school teacher is key to the acquisition of specific and special skills in post-adolescent ages. The role of the IPEF will be key to encouraging its graduates to have a particular link with basketball

Borda commented on the specialization from his

“There are several things in which progress should be made in what is the profession of the physical education teacher in school and that of physical trainer and sports coach, be it at any level. I am referring to the scientific reading of practice or application based on homework science. That implies that the PE teacher has to handle the English language at least for reading. “

“Today all scientific advances come in that language, Argentina interprets the science produced by other countries of the first scientific world. You have to have access to reading and then advance in the interpretation of what you read. That will lead to us entering in the world of new technologies for training, which for an economic issue we are far away “

“If we had to advance and mark something feasible, it would be the interpretation of scientific reading and above all the updating of what is written in English. To delve into the path of scientific research, to be able to produce our own data, knowledge based on our own knowledge. population “Recalc

Maximiliano Seigorman, technical assistant of the Argentina team in Tokyo 2021, also left his feelings of being part of the event and everything that the experience of the Olympic Games left behind.

“The truth is that participating in this type of campus is something very pleasant. I enjoy it a lot, especially in a city like Taf Viejo that has been betting on sports for many years and working to improve everything that surrounds the growth of children. “

“It is clear that not only on this campus itself, but in other types of activities they have worked tirelessly so that the entire structure and sport of Taf Viejo continue to grow, which I think is extremely important”

“The pleasure of being able to share with other outstanding coaches and professionals, for me always represents the possibility of continuing to improve, and the truth is that one takes the opportunity to share with the boys. With this current situation that we have to live, these types of activities are more than welcome and hopefully soon we all have normality “

Seigorman commented on the experience in Tokyo and his arrival at Regattas for the National League

“The experience of the Olympic Games is unique. The reality is that it is a privilege to belong to such an important staff of professionals. Minute by minute one is living an incredible experience, and it is very much enjoyed. Not only for this last process of the Olympic game , but all of the above, from the qualifying rounds, the Pan American Games, the World Cup in China ”

“Working with tremendous professionals leads one to continue growing and enjoying what one likes so much, which is this passion for basketball. Very happy and always working so that all this type of experience one can channel and continue growing as a professional. Happy with this last experience in the Olympic Games ”

“Coming to Regatas has to do with having worked with Gaby Picatto for so long in different processes. My arrival has to do with this new possibility of being in the National League and enjoying a club that has very high goals and history in the National League. To enjoy this new challenge and do my job as well as possible, that’s what I think about every day ”


The event will have the participation of Sebastin Gonzlez, Maximiliano Seigorman, Julin Pagura, Tomas Martnez, Rodrigo Borda and Ezequiel Lavayen. Who will carry out the meeting that is aimed at male and female players from the age of 11 with no age limits. Physical education coaches and students.

In addition, the city’s staff of trainers and physical trainers will participate in this edition, made up of Sebastin Lucero, Mario Vildoza, Gustavo Madedo, Matas Nieva, Martn Correa, Alejandro Daz, Daniel Orresta, Bruno Argaaraz, Emiliano Bejas, Marcos Kacharosky and Abel Acosta.

The basketball capital is organized by Martn Ayusa and Martn Vera and is sponsored by the Sports Secretary of the Province of Tucumn and the Municipality of Taf Viejo and the IPEF Institute.

The new training standards invite constant updating. In recent years, Tafis basketball has been the protagonist with great achievements at the local and national level. The objectives of the campus are:

1- Acquire different technical and physical methodologies for individual development
2- Define the individual physical-technical profile through specific evaluations
3- Work on the learning process and correct execution of technical exercises
4- Generate individual habits of care, preparation and recovery to the game

Our school has currently allowed to have players like Sebastin Orresta (Gymnastics by Comodoro Rivadavia), Ivn Gramajo (Quimsa) and Leandro Vildoza (Boca Jr.) who are protagonists in their teams in #LNB. In addition to having representatives in the Argentine League as Joaqun Noblega, Emiliano Lezcano. In the federal tournament, the participation of Jernimo Solrzano, Ivn Julin, Gonzalo flores placeholder image, Daniel Orresta, Julio Carrizo, Martiniano Ayusa Haad, Lautaro Manrique, Matas Bernan |, Gonzalo Rodrguez, Facundo Orresta and Franco Carrizo.

Taf Viejo has a healthy sports history. Every day the clubs work in order to continue supplying local, national and international basketball institutions with players with a basic training of excellence.





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