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The big stars in NBA free agency

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BarcelonaOne of the biggest fish in the current NBA, Giannis Antetokounmpo, could have sailed in the free agency this summer. The Milwaukee Bucks were the fastest to tie the now NBA champion. A 5-year contract totaling $ 228 million. With the versatile winger out of the market, the headliners of this free agency will be Kawhi Leonard, Chris Paul and Mike Conley. Franchises can be negotiated from Monday, although the agreements will not be able to be official until August 6.

The most wanted, Kawhi Leonard

At 30, the Los Angeles-born player has one player option of $ 36 million to follow the Clippers. Leonard would thus secure a good contract despite the injury in the playoffs against the Jazz. The Clippers have confirmed that there is currently no date back to the tracks for the NBA champion with the Raptors. Should he leave the California coast, Leonard would revolutionize the offices of all teams. Kevin Durant already got a spectacular contract as a free agent being injured, and Leonard is a piece that can turn any team into a candidate for the ring.

Chris Paul, from LeBron’s friend to NBA finalist

The Suns base has found at 36 a great ecosystem for their game on Phoneix. Paul arrived in Arizona as a replacement for Ricky Rubio, and despite Masnou’s great season, he has far surpassed him. Paul has one player option of $ 36.2 million with the team with which he has caressed the ring. Having been known for many years to be LeBron’s friend, this season he has finished fifth in the MVP voting and is already a legend in the Suns. One of the best positioned teams to incorporate Paul is the New York Knicks. The New York team’s salary space would allow them to make a three-year offer worth $ 135 million.

The new star, Mike Conley

This free agency goes to veterans. Mike Conley, 33, has said during the season that he intends to stay in Utah. Despite Conley’s idea, the Salt Lake City team will not be able to offer him a large salary, due to the succulent contracts that the stars of the franchise, Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert, have. After playing his first All-Star this season, Conley could look for a change of scenery. The Knicks are an option, like the Celtics, who have run out playmaker in transferring Kemba Walker. In a season marked by injuries, the Lebron Lakers have also fallen far short of getting the back-to-back.

Looking for the second ring, Serge Ibaka

The 31-year-old Spanish international has only played 41 games this season. With a player option of $ 9.6 million, all indications are that Ibaka will renew with the Clippers, but the pivot winger could move to Brooklyn to play with another contender. Durant’s Nets could bring together those who were once teammates at OKC. During, Harden and Ibaka led the Oklahoma team, along with Russell Westbrook, to the NBA Finals in the 2011-2012 season against the Lebron Heat.

The other great pearls of free agency

DeMar DeRozan (31) led the Spurs in the scoreboard with 21.6 points per game and recalled his best version of the Toronto Raptors. One of the best options for the winger can be the Mavs, and form one big-three with Doncic and Porzingis.

Young John Collins, 23, looks like an impossible piece to hold for the Hawks. Minnesota could be the ideal place, where it would share track with the powerful pivot Karl-Anthony Towns. Collins has achieved a stable 57% accuracy in basket throwing over the past three seasons.

With the arrival of his brother Lamelo in the league, the game of Lonzo Ball (23 years old) is reminiscent of the young man who impressed when he played in the university league. Getting out of the media spotlight has helped him regain his best level. With some Lakers interested in reclaiming Lonzo, his desire for a $ 100 million, $ 4 million contract would take him away from returning to the Los Angeles team.

And is that the Lakers will need a base at the end of the contract of Dennis Schroeder. The German base will not take part in the Games due to the high cost of covering a contract injury. At 27, Schroeder is looking for a 4-year contract for about $ 110 million. What happens to him may start a domino effect on the bases market this summer.


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