Steph Curry reacts to the Warriors’ controversial choices for the title

Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group

Back in business after a new season concluded without the playoffs, the Warriors hope to revive in the race for the title. However, some of their choices this summer did not necessarily go in this direction according to fans. Steph Curry was therefore responsible for setting the record straight, with his own opinion on the subject.

With a missed layup, they would have rallied the postseason, and challenged the Jazz without real apprehension. However, history will remember that this shot missed by Draymond Green during the final moments of the play-in against the Grizzlies, will have cost their ticket for the playoffs to the Warriors. The time is therefore once again to rebuild the workforce in the Bay, to try not to relive such a disillusion next year.

Better yet, the Dubs do have the ambition to get back into the title race. They are therefore active on the market, with two nice shots made via the free agency. However, they preferred to keep their two nice Draft picks, rather than trading them to attract another star on the spot. A controversial decision, which has yet been validated Steph Curry in a telephone interview with Marcus Thompson II of The Athletic.

Draft picks? I love them. It looks very promising, and we will have to try to involve them quickly, and then continue to develop them. The efforts are there. I was able to notice this by finding myself in very private conversations, to which few people have access. We want to win. And if someone didn’t have that ambition, we would have had a problem. And I don’t think I would have stacked up for 5 years if that was the case.

Assets of choice in potential negotiations, picks 7 and 14 were finally retained by Golden State on the evening of the Draft. These allowed Californians to get their hands on the promising Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody, aged 18 and 19 respectively. Not really called upon to contribute to a long playoff run in the short term, the two young players seem to be welcomed with open arms by Curry.

The Chef refuses to complain about this choice for the future, just as he does about the failures deplored by its leaders in the free agent market these last hours.

I would be disappointed if there was a feeling of complacency that had set in, or if we weren’t always looking to strengthen ourselves. So if you tell me that we tried to recruit (Nicolas) Batum and Patty (Mills), and things didn’t materialize, that’s the league game. But if I were to sense a lack of determination higher up in the franchise, we would have had a problem. And I didn’t feel that this summer.

In other words, Steph is content to know that his front office is doing everything to offer him the best supporting cast, even if their approaches do not necessarily succeed. A positive speech, which corresponds well to the attitude he displays constantly on the floors.

No time to lament for Stephen Curry, who still has complete confidence in his superiors. This has also enabled them to complete the XXL extension of their player franchise.



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