Sport, the mayor: “Support for associations and redevelopment of facilities”

PIOMBINO – “Our city has a natural predisposition to sport and has a significant plant heritage: this is why we are launching a series of interventions aimed at improving structures and supporting sports associations in this particularly difficult period”.

With these words the mayor Francesco Ferrari, councilor for sport, announces the planned interventions in support of the world of city sport.

“Among the facilities in need of redevelopment – continues the mayor Ferrari – the Palasport Tenda stands out: entrusted to the management of the Asd Pallacanestro Piombino, it hosts the matches of the Golfo Piombino Basketball team that plays in Serie B and is particularly loved and followed by fans of the territory. The team has reached a considerable competitive level and we hope that the climb will continue taking Piombino higher and higher. To allow the team to play games of higher categories, we have decided to intervene with the realization of a project for the modernization of the system and the resolution of some critical issues so as to make the structure even more usable “.

The project provides for the complete replacement of the parquet playing surface and the construction of two new separate toilet blocks so as to allow the separation of the supporters, necessary for the matches of higher categories.

The installation of the parquet dates back to 1992: it currently has numerous damaged areas and is no longer able to meet the technical standards of ball bounce and safety for athletes. The prefabricated sheet metal blocks of the bathrooms, on the other hand, in addition to being in poor condition, are not distinguished by type of user of home and away fans.

But the action to support city sport does not end: the installation of a new throwing cage at the athletics field has just been completed, which replaced the previous one built more than ten years ago and no longer regulated. The sports facility is equipped with a new, safe and avant-garde tool, a new cage that will allow not only athletes to improve their training, but also the city to host more important competitions.

Finally, the Municipality has decided to commit almost one hundred thousand euros to help the sports associations that manage the publicly owned facilities by reducing rents by 60% for the year 2021.

“We know how important sport is and how crucial associations are for spreading sports practice especially among young people – concludes the mayor -, for this reason we have decided to do everything in our power to help those realities hit hard by the pandemic crisis. . To these resources will be added the plan of interventions, some already completed and others in the pipeline, conceived with a view to modernization, to ensure that associations, groups and sports committees continue their activities safely ”.



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