PMU – Arrival of the quinté on Monday, August 30 in Vincennes: Deus Ex Machina crushes the opposition

Arrival of the quinté : 10 – 13 – 12 – 11 -7

The support race for pay-per-view betting returned to Parisian ashes, on the occasion of the Prix de Mortain. Contested over 2850 meters of the main track, this event has smiled on the horses who surrendered 25 m. While consistency was not his strong point since the start of his career, Deus Ex Machina (n°10) is currently going through a period of form. For the third time in a row, the student of Hervé Sionneau wins and takes the opportunity to sign his first success in a quinté. Close in progress by his driver trainer, this son of Ricimer left no chance to his opponents as soon as he took command in the uphill section of the course. The favorite of the event, Sweet Perfume (n ° 13) has never been able to question the superiority of his opponent in the final phase but does not demerit to keep the first runner-up in front Divine de Navary (n ° 12), which benefited from its wake all the way. Slightly behind, the newcomer to the class of the race, Free Man (n°11) behaves very well and slightly ahead of the regular Little girl Del Green (n ° 7),

Steavie Doussot indicated the trifecta in three horses in disorder while Kévin Romain gave the quinté in disorder in eight horses.



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