Paula López, from the Pitiús Club, selected to attend the World Cup

The player of the island entity will participate in the Uber Cup, which is the name given to the world championships for women’s teams and which will be played from October 9 to 17 with the 16 best teams on the international scene.

«The truth is that I am very happy to have been summoned. I have never played a World Cup at an absolute level. I really want to play it, but above all to enjoy the experience of being able to play with some of the best players in the world “, explains Paula López about her summons by the Spanish team, while commenting:” I was aware that I had options to go, there are players with more experience and more level, but seeing my name on the list is always a joy because it is still a reward for the work done.

In this sense, the Ibiza club player stressed that she feels “very excited” about this new international sporting challenge that she will face next October.

«I am very excited about this challenge, and about being able to represent Spain in the World Cup. Last year I was called up for this championship but due to the covid situation it was canceled and we could not play it. Despite that, the illusion remains intact and eager for the competitions to begin. I started the preseason at the end of July with great enthusiasm and with my batteries charged to give my best in every game ».



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