Olympic Games – Tokyo 2020 – Basketball – France – United States LIVE


France – United States / WITHOUT PUB



Duchet monoplizes the ball and does not take any risk on the last possession of the match. The French join the quarter-finals !!

Tokyo 2020

It’s barely going but the Blue are in quarterback


4QT – 0’13 – BETWEEN 82 – 93 USA

Stewart, served by Charles, concludes on Gruda’s head. Time-out France. The Blue must not concede more than three points in 13 seconds. It should do it.

4QT – 1’10 – FRA 82 – 91 USA

Offensive foul whistled against Johannès!

4QT – 1’24 – FRA 82 – 89 USA

After missing it a few seconds before, Gruda tries a fadeway again and succeeds!

4QT – 1’41 – BETWEEN 80 – 89 USA

Success flees the French, especially on a Gruda fadeway, not the Americans, who take off thanks to Charles. We must stand on the side of the Blue! Time-out France.

4QT – 4’08 – BETWEEN 80 – 87 USAChartereau is responsible for leading the revolt at a long distance!

4Qt – 4’56 – BETWEEN 77 – 87 USA

Valérie Garnier’s daughters dive physically. They are 10 lengths behind.

4QT – 5’45 – BETWEEN 77 – 83 USA

And the and one for Gruda (9pts, 5 rbds)! The Frenchwoman returned her shot at mid-distance, but suffered the fault of Wilson. The throw is successful!

4QT – 6’52 – FRA 74 – 78 USA

Miyem has a warm hand halfway.

4QT – 7’12 – BETWEEN 72 – 78 USA

Bird and Wilson drive the point home to increase the gap to 6 points. Time-out requested by Valérie Garnier.

4QT – 8’27 – BETWEEN 72 – 74 USA

Charles is responsible for calming the French ardor with an award-winning shot. Again four points behind.

4QT – 9’01 – BETWEEN 72 – 71 USA

And the French women pass by thanks to Vukosavljevic !!

4QT – 9’49 – BETWEEN 70 – 71 USA

Miyem shines from the 3-point recovery!


The French have shown a better face since their return from the locker room. The balance is fragile, however. They won this third quarter, but are still 4 lengths from the USA thanks to two throws from Vukosavljevic. This is sufficient for the moment to move on to the next round.

3QT – 0’25 – FRA 65 – 71 USA

Miyem, under pressure, gives in to the trap set by Gray and concedes a foul that offers 3 throws to the Americans. Gray misses the first one, but succeeds the other two.

3QT – 0’50 – FRA 65 – 69 USA

But Wilson does not miss the target at long distance and, alone, makes the powder speak!

3QT – 1’27 – FRA 65 – 66 USA

Rupert succeeds on both throws. France is close to the USA!

3QT – 1’56 – FRA 63 – 64 USA

Oh Johannès shoot it halfway out of the dribble! It’s perfect !

3QT – 3’05 – FRA 59 – 64 USA

Grider hurts the French rear guard very, very badly, and stands out at mid-distance with a pass from Stewart.

3QT – 3’18 – BETWEEN 59 – 62 USA

Gruda brings France back to 3 points from a fadeway.

3QT – 3:45 – FRA 57 – 62 USA

And it’s Miyem’s turn to be on the throwing line. The first passes without problem, the second too. Here are the French women at -5! They remain in the match, under the leadership of WIlliams.

3QT – 4:17 – FRA 55 – 60 USA

Gruda inherits two throws. She transforms one in two!

3QT – 4:35 – FRA 54 – 60 USA

Williams is present on the rebound, but loses the ball at the other end of the field. American possession.

3QT – 5’03 – FRA 54 – 60 USAWilson is easily found under the circle and scores with the help of the board.

3QT – 5’44 – BETWEEN 52 – 56 USA

JOHANNES FROM THE RIGHT CORNER! The French made a net, but had her foot on the line. These are “only” 2 more points!

3QT – 7’01 – BETWEEN 50 – 53 USA

Stolen ball and Duchet escapes to the opposing basket to bring France back to 3 pts!

3QT – 8’34 – BETWEEN 46 – 50 USA

Chartereau fights Stewart and scores two extra points that do good to his teammates!

3QT – 9’30 – FRA 44 – 50 USA

Williams had made the difference on that facxed left hand layup at Griner, but she misses the mark.


Update on statistics at the break: Miyem and Williams carry the Blue offensively with 8 points each, showered with passes by Johannès (5). But, opposite, Stewart and Wilson culminate respectively at 14 and 12 units …


And Williams’ final buzzer attempt is a bit short. The French women are six lengths behind the Americans. They suffered in defense in the second quarter, conceding 31 points in 10 minutes, but unroll their score in attack even if they accuse a little the blow, less realistic. This promises for the rest of the match, as the Blue play their qualification in the quarter-finals. For this, they must not bow more than 14 points.

2QT – 0’3 – FRA 44 – 50 USA

The French are forced to fault Wilson while the Americans had the last possession. She succeeds on both throws.

2QT – 0’50 – FRA 44 – 48 USA

Rupert, halfway, finds the circle but not the nets.

2QT – 1’09 – FRA 44 – 48 USA

If Griner does not make a success of his double-step, it is not the case of Wilson whose attempt gives the USA 4 points. Time-out France.

2QT – 1’40 – FRA 44 – 46 USA

The loss of the ball from Williams, who runs in defense to prevent the Americans from registering an easy basket!

2QT – 2’30 – FRA 44 – 43 USA

And Gruda opens his counter!

2QT – 3’13 – FRA 42 – 43 USA

Les Bleues are still qualified. They must win or lose by a maximum of 14 points so as not to fear for their place in the quarter-finals.

2QT – 4:09 – FROM 42 – 39 USA

OH THE LONG DISTANCE SHOOT OF GABBY WILLIAMS! The Frenchwoman is not attacked and makes a net to give the Blue 3 points in advance!

2QT – 4:38 – FRA 39 – 39 USA

Very good pressure from Fauthoux on Gray. The American, behind the line at + 3pts, does not reach her target and the ball goes out.

2QT – 5:34 – FRA 39 – 39 USA

It goes all over the place! Johannès, who had scored at long distance a few seconds earlier, misses his floater. Not Stewart, who is responsible for putting the two teams back on an equal footing.

2QT – 8’00 – FRA 30 – 26 USA

It started again very, very strongly. The two teams surrender blow for blow. Diggins Smith hits the net on a double step before converting his bonus free throw? Chartereau is responsible for answering 3 points. Gray does the same just behind!

2QT – 9’30 – FRA 27 – 21 USA

And the Blues who take 6 points ahead of a long distance shoot from Vukosavljevic!

FIN Q1 – FROM 22 – 19 USA

The French held the shock pretty well after 10 minutes of duel. They found the right balance between attack and defense, seriously, to lead by three points.

QT1 – 1:10 – BETWEEN 20 – 17 USA

Charles catches himself twice, both times in the racket with a curled arm. In the meantime, Fauthoux, found by Johannes, had scored two more points from a double right hand!

QT1 – 1:59 – BETWEEN 18 – 13 USA

It is still very well defended by the France team which considerably hinders Charles in his decision to shoot. Air-ball and ball to the French, who take five points in advance thanks to Rupert!

QT1 – 3:22 – BETWEEN 13 – 13 USA

Two free throws for Fowles, who suffered the fault of Ciak. The American succeeds them to bring her team back to equality.

QT1 – 4:11 – BETWEEN 13 – 11 USA

Valérie Garnier’s players are back in their game, they miss very few opportunities to punish their opponents. There again, Gray is embarrassed at long distance and the Blue recover the ball.

QT1 – 5:20 – BETWEEN 13 – 11 USA

And the Blue go past thanks to Miyem’s shoot from the right!

QT1 – 6:24 – BETWEEN 9 – 9 USA

The French come back up to the Americans thanks to Williams who sneaked up to the basket.

QT1: 7:20 – BETWEEN 5 – 9 USA

And the award-winning Williams shot that feels good!

QT1 – 8:15 – BETWEEN 2 – 7 USA

Gruda exits after two first fouls. The Americans are conquering on the inside and are already leading by 5 points.

QT1 – 9: 51- BETWEEN 0 – 2 USA

Let’s go ! It is the United States which recovers the first possession and which register the first basket by Griner.

Valérie Garnier gives her final instructions, the match will start soon. Remember that the Blue first bowed against Japan, before beating Nigeria with ease.

A defeat could therefore be enough for the players of Valérie Garnier.

Les Bleues, 3rd behind Japan and the United States, can still qualify. For this, they must ensure a point average higher than another third in the group. Canada points to +7 after its three meetings, but the Blue must wait for the match between Australia (-17) and Puerto Rico to be fixed.

Hello everyone, and welcome to Eurosport to follow LIVE the last match of the women’s basketball group stage between the France team and the USA team. Kick-off at 6:40 am!

Tokyo 2020

Williams, the most American of French women


Tokyo 2020

Italy for the Blues in the quarter-finals, shock United States – Spain




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