Nikté Sotomayor: For me it has been one of the best tournaments that I have been able to enjoy

Originally from Retalhuleu, Nikté Sotomayor returned to Guatemala after her participation in the Tokyo Olympics. Photo: Screenshot / video COG.

The Guatemalan badminton player from Retalhuleu Nikté Sotomayor, who participated in the Tokyo Japan Olympic Games, returned to the country this day amidst the joy and excitement of family and friends who came to La Aurora International Airport this day to receive her.

Nikté made history by becoming the first female badminton player to represent Guatemala at the Olympic Games in that category.

Upon her return to the country, the athlete expressed her joy and said she felt very happy and without words to describe her participation in the Olympic Games.

“I think it is the beginning of something new, my career is marking a beginning and well, nothing from now on thinking about the following games … for me it has been one of the best tournaments that I have been able to experience and that I have been able to enjoy,” he said.

That feeling affirmed that it is precisely for what he sacrificed many things and was dedicating himself, “all the sacrifice that one makes in his sports career is for this moment.”

Nikté stated that she is very happy with her participation, but always wanting to give more and motivated to keep going.


For the Guatemalan Olympic Committee (COG), the history of Guatemalan badminton will always have the name of Nikté Sotomayor engraved in gold letters.
In the current context, they recalled that at the Lima 2019 Pan American Games, the Guatemalan athlete became the first woman to win a Pan American medal for this sport. Now, the Guatemalan athlete will go down in history as the first badminton player to represent the country in the Olympic Games.

The COG highlights that Sotomayor started in badminton from the age of 12 in his native Retalhuleu, inspired by the sporting life of his parents Jorge Sotomayor and Lucrecia Ovando, former basketball players.

Family and friends received with emotion the Guatemalan badminton player Nikté Sotomayor. Photo: Screenshot / video COG.

“Since then, he has built a career of almost 15 years full of great triumphs, which include eight medals in Central American and Caribbean Games, six in Bolivarian Games and one in Pan American Games. In addition to countless victories and podiums in national and international tournaments ”, mentioned the COG.

Prior to his Olympic participation, Nikté mentioned that participating in the Olympic Games is a “dream come true” and a reward for a great career in this sport.



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