Never seen before: Matsuyama’s ‘drive’ ended up on a spectator’s shirt!

Fue, without a doubt, the anecdote of the day at The Northern Trust. A drive from the Japanese Hideki Matsuyama, champion of Augusta, It ended up on a spectator’s shirt. The shot, which went to the right, bounced off the ground a couple of times to land on the jersey of a spectator, who quickly froze awaiting the arrival of the golfer.

From that moment, laughter and disbelief seized the player and the rest of the spectators, as well as the television commentators. “What happened? What are the chances of this happening?” Nick Faldo said on the Golf Channel broadcast.

When Matsuyama reached the viewer, he raised his index finger and asked, “You?” To which everyone, laughing, answered affirmatively. The involuntary protagonist tried to explain what happened: “He fell between my legs, hit my knee and somehow stayed on the shirt.”

Then, Matsuyama placed a tee next to the man’s right foot and motioned for the man to throw the ball out. Afterwards, the Japanese golfer signed the ball for the spectator to keep as a souvenir. Who was going to tell him …



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