NBA News – Rockets rookie Jalen Green shoots the Pistons: “Didn’t want to be in Detroit”

Jalen Green gave a swipe at the Detroit Pistons in an interview. Detroit selected Cade Cunningham as number 1 in the 2021 draft, while Green went to the Rockets in second place. He seems quite happy with that.

“I wanted to be the No. 1 pick. But as far as the location is concerned, I didn’t want to be in Detroit,” the 19-year-old explained Yahoo Sports. “I felt a lot more comfortable in Houston. It felt like a real home.”

His impression of Detroit, on the other hand, was much more negative: “In Detroit I had the feeling that I would just go back to the G-League bubble. And yet I just got out of the bubble.”

Green didn’t play in college, but chose the G-League route. For the G-League Ignite, he played 15 games that took place in a bubble in Florida due to the coronavirus pandemic. There was apparently little to do there apart from the basketball arenas, and he probably feared the same in Detroit.

“I wouldn’t go out the door in Detroit. There aren’t a lot of things you can do there,” continued Green. “You just stay in the hall and then go back to your apartment.” Before the draft, Green had completed workouts with the teams in both Detroit and Houston.




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