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Sponsored by the Group Department of the All-China Sports Federation, Chinese Football Association, Chinese Basketball Association, Chinese Badminton Association, Chinese Taekwondo Association, Chinese Karate Association, Chinese Baseball Association, Chinese Softball Association, Chinese Wushu Association, China Senior Sports Association, China Roller Skating Supported by the Association, the Chinese Tug-of-War Association and other associations, the 2021 “National Fitness Day” online theme exhibition hosted by Huaao Xingkong Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. will kick off on August 8th.

The 2021 National Fitness Day online theme display activity is one of the demonstration activities carried out and advocated by the State Sports General Administration during the National Fitness Day this year around August 8th. This year, coincides with the Tokyo Olympics and the Shaanxi National Games. The online theme display activities of the National Fitness Day can better satisfy the people’s sense of participation and sense of gain in sports, and raise the attention of the “National Fitness Day” on August 8. The degree and influence reflect the nationwide fitness for the construction of a healthy China, the implementation of the nationwide fitness strategy and the construction of a sports power.

The theme slogan of this event is “National Fitness Goes with the Olympics”. It will mobilize and guide the general public to carry out a variety of sports and fitness activities. Taking the 2021 Tokyo Olympics and the Shaanxi National Games as an opportunity, the nationwide fitness activities will be launched. , To create a national fitness atmosphere, make the “National Fitness Day” more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, encourage the people to participate in sports and fitness activities more widely, and constantly promote the broad masses of the people to establish a conscious fitness awareness.

This activity selects the most representative field of participation among the general public and can best reflect the characteristics of national fitness, and the people love to see sports items for activities and displays. It is planned to set up football, basketball, badminton, taekwondo, karate, baseball, softball, and Tai Chi. , Square dance, roller skating, tug-of-war, national fitness path and other sports. This event has no professional thresholds, unlimited expressions, and comprehensive coverage of middle-aged and young people. Men, women, and children can participate.

Participants can shoot videos and upload to participate in the activity according to the specific requirements of each item. Follow the “National Fitness” WeChat official account on the mobile phone, reply “Registration”, obtain the registration link or enter the official website of the National Fitness Day online theme display event through the navigation bar to register and sign up, fill in your personal information to complete the registration, and click “Sign up” Button to register. On the computer side, you can log in to the official website of the National Fitness Day online theme exhibition event (URL:, fill in your personal information to complete the registration, and click the “register” button to register.

Scan the QR code above and follow the National Fitness WeChat account to get the registration link

In order to reflect the theme of “National Fitness and Olympic Games” and fully display the sports style of participants, the activity is planned to be held from August 8th (National Fitness Day) to September 15th (the opening of the Shaanxi National Games) in 2021. It is divided into four stages. The first stage (August 8th-August 15th) is the full launch of the event; the second stage (August 16th-August 31st) is the continuous uploading of videos and online voting and likes; the third stage ( (September 1st-September 7th) will be the likes sprint stage; the fourth stage (September 10th-September 15th) will be the results announcement and certificate download stage. The event will announce the final ranking of the event on September 10th, and award the honorary certificate issued by the All-China Sports Federation to the participants, pushing the event to a climax and welcoming the arrival of the National Games.

In addition, this event also set up an award-winning message board and a message scrolling display column, so that the majority of participants can also like and comment on other outstanding works while exercising, interact with each other, and express their enthusiasm for national fitness. After the event is over, the event will also draw 100 lucky winners from all users who participated in the interactive message for corresponding rewards.

In 2020, the August 8th National Fitness Day online theme display event hosted by the All China Sports Federation and undertaken by Huaao Xingkong was also successfully held online and was warmly welcomed by fitness enthusiasts: the total number of participants in the event was close to 10,000 4000 people have achieved good results. During the one-month event, the majority of national fitness enthusiasts actively participated in the activity through the Internet, and they had considerable social influence under the promotion of all walks of life, becoming a convenient platform for ordinary people to participate in physical exercise and show their personal style before and after the National Fitness Day.




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