Montrezl Harrell’s cash message after leaving the Lakers!

Now with the Wizards, Montrezl Harrell hopes to revive after a complex adventure with the Lakers. On leaving, the hub dropped a fairly cash message, proof that he did not have a very good time in the City of Angels.

While Russell Westbrook has joined the Lakers for this new season, the Lakers pulled off this nice move via a trade. The franchise therefore had to sacrifice players in passing, including Kyle Kuzma who has just heard very bad news. But the interior is not alone, since Montrezl Harrell has also made the trip.

After leaving the Clippers, the Pivot took a risk by joining the enemy. A totally assumed choice, even if with hindsight, he would undoubtedly do things differently. In recent days, the person has suggested that he did not appreciate his time with the Angelinos. It started a few days ago on Twitter.

Time to cut ties with a lot of people!

Who is he talking about exactly? Impossible to know, but Harrell did not necessarily enjoy his adventure in Los Angeles. The success is not there, and it was very limited by the choices of Frank Vogel, who preferred the bencher a good part of the time. The former Clipper added a layer, this time in a story on Instagram, when leaving.

I just finished packing my things, it was a fun adventure in LA and I got to meet some great people, but also others that I didn’t enjoy knowing. We live and we learn. The next chapter in my story will be memorable!

Montrezl Harrell’s move to the Lakers? An adventure that he will quickly want to forget. He now hopes to relaunch in a new franchise, although nothing will be easy. We will still follow with attention the reunion against the Angelinos …


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