Mayor’s Office: Soccer measures after violence, not visiting fans or National fans, more requirements | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

The Mayor’s Office of Bogotá summoned this Wednesday the Local Commission for Security, Comfort and Coexistence in Soccer, after the acts of violence in the El Campín stadium between Santa Fe and Nacional, and imposed new restrictions.

Mayor Claudia López was emphatic that the repudiable scenes recorded in the stadium cannot be repeated, but she will not permanently close the stages but will apply new measures to guarantee safety: “We are going to return, what we saw last night was an opportunity for improvement We are not going to allow a few violent people to systematically embitter our lives, “he said.

For now, and thinking about the classic Millonarios vs Santa Fe over the weekend, the audience restriction will be maintained on the stages. In addition, for one year the entry of bars or Atlético Nacional fans will NOT be allowed to El Campín or Techo. And, in the remainder of the year, the entry of visiting bars will not be allowed either.

In addition, four essential conditions are added so that the clubs can rent the stages:

– Clubs must guarantee a better registration and sale of tickets, to know who enters the stadium.

– Clubs must guarantee logistics and security and coexistence teams that work in coordination with the Police.

– The logistics teams must have an adequate provision of assistants in the stands.

– The clubs are jointly responsible for working on issues of coexistence with their fans before, during and after the matches. Clubs must show that they have opened these spaces with their fans.

Likewise, the Mayor explained that although the fans of Santa Fe were a victim in the events of this Tuesday, the club will not be able to evade its responsibility “for the breach of the logistical conditions of the contract in access to the family tribune, for not complying with the distancing measures and by the invasion of the field “.

When will the stages reopen? When there are guarantees of compliance with these new conditions. For now there are no certainties.




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