Los Angeles Lakers reportedly showed no fighting to hold back Alex Caruso

The Los Angeles Lakers seem to have made a special connection to being the big news. First of all, a successful trade that has won them 9 times All-Star, Russell Westbrook. Additionally, reports are also coming in that there are plenty of big name players willing to sign a minimum contract just to join them!

However, this time they made the news for a bad reason. Recently, Laker’s boy Alex Caruso agreed to a 4-year, $ 37 million contract with the Chicago Bulls. Now, looking at his impact on the team and LA, the Lakers had to fight. Well, isn’t it?

Lakers show no fights for Alex Caruso

When the time came for the fan favorite player, LA decided not to counter the Chicago Bulls offer. According to Athleticism, Caruso’s camp came back to them when the Bulls made their move. But, to everyone’s surprise, Purple and Gold said there would be no counter-offer for Caruso.

It’s really surprising, considering the Lakers don’t have a lot of pay margin and only a few minimum slots. Having the rights to Caruso meant they could decide to pay him whatever they wanted. However, they decided to send the ‘Caru-Show’ to Chicago instead.

Moreover, Caruso is only 27 years old and a major player for them. He averaged 20 minutes per game. Plus, he’s become an excellent perimeter defender for the Lakers. He’s athletic, a great defender and knows how to get a crowd moving.

Now all that remains is to wish Caruso good luck as he begins his new journey to the “Windy City”.

Why is Caruso so popular?

The “Bald Eagle” has become a fan favorite following their clash against the Golden State Warriors. After a missed shot, Alex ran from the left corner and completed a knocked-off dunk on Kevin Durant. No one knew Caruso had that kind of rebound and the reaction from the bench, especially Bron, skyrocketed his popularity.

He arrives with a lot of energy and puts all his heart into the field. As a role player, he averages 6 points, 3 rebounds and 1 interception. However, his journey was not so easy. Caruso moved from the Summer League to the G-League while not drafted.

After that, the Lakers were convinced to sign him and he impressed straight away. With his high intensity and stellar defense, he was promoted to the starting lineup in 2019. Now he is the NBA Champion and is sure to be a fan favorite wherever he goes.

Do you think the Lakers made a mistake by abandoning Alex Caruso? Let us know in the comments below.

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