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Jon Rahm reveals his most intimate side in a documentary

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The Spanish Jon Rahm, number one in world golf, reveals intimate aspects of his life, such as writing a diary as therapy, in a documentary of the series ‘The Jump’ (the jump) broadcast by the golf equipment manufacturer ‘Callaway’ through its YouTube channel.

Referring to how he learned English, a language that he now speaks almost natively, Rahm states: “I didn’t learn to speak English by listening to the music of Kendrick Lamar (rapper). But that’s how I started. Hip hop helped; I was trying to memorize his lyrics to speed up my learning process. “

He also reveals a story his father “always remembers”: ‘I left him at the airport and I didn’t know if he was traveling to Moscow, Scottsdale, Washington … I don’t know.’ “And that’s how my college career started,” he continues.

He also says he met his wife in college. “She was not interested in athletes. And I thought I was one of the worst on the team. It took him a while to realize that the truth is that he was one of the best players in the country.. He always loved me for being who I am, “he says.

It also highlights that takes “mental work very seriously”. “It is one of the keys to my consistency. I write a journal because it makes me meditate deeply and it is extremely therapeutic. When I write I notice that everything just comes out, “he confesses.

Your family life is very important: “Having my wife, Kelly, and being a father has made me a better player. I can be very angry about a bad day of golf, but coming home and seeing little Kepa makes me think: ‘You are a father; forget'”.

Rahm claims that he chose to “give happiness.” “Too I am very intense, but I am a happy person“He continues.” I am extremely happy with what I have achieved, but this has not ended here, “he says.

‘The Jump’ presenta a Rahm como the player who “has accomplished almost everything a golfer can dream of after leaving (the university) Arizona State as a two-time winner of the Ben Hogan Award (for the best amateur player in the world). “

“Six titles in the PGA Tour, seven wins in the Circuit European, which has been Player of the Year, number one in the world and a new role as a father. All he lacked was a major title, “he adds of Rahm, who did it this season by winning the US Open.

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