Free fight in Necaxa vs Puebla of Liga MX Femenil

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Mexico City / 23.08.2021 19:38:04

Lousy referee work France Maria Gonzalez in the game between Necaxa Women and Puebla Women. During the match, the central did not score a clear penalty, pardoned expulsions and with heated spirits a small fight was given, after which he barely showed the red card to You will be Kim of the Centellas already Maria Jose Lopez of the camotero set.

The match weighed on France, who at 74 ‘ did not see a strong foul committed within the area on the Brazilian Verónica Martins for the penalty in favor of the Strip.

As if that were not enough, in the compensation time, in an offensive play by Aguascalientes, You will be Kim He carried the ball in the crescent and three Puebla defenders knocked it down, one of them being Maria Jose who ends up hurting Kim with his feet.

Kim stands up and pushes López herself, leaving her on the grass and immediately the footballers crowd to begin with the shouts and blows before the eyes of France.

Even the players from the sweet potato bank entered the field to also give pushes and blows. Between the brawl Libeth castro fell after being pushed by her own partner, Guadalupe Olvera.

Andrea Martinez, from Necaxa, pushed Samara Alcala and even had a discussion with Jacqueline Kosegarten. The final balance was only two players sent off, one for each team: López from Puebla and Kim from Necaxa.

The match ended 1-0 in favor of those led by Jesús Palacios with a goal from Fanny velasco.




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