Frank Fabra today (Colombian National Team), in Boca Juniors: insults on Twitter

Frank Fabra started again with Boca Juniors in the championship that has the xeneize team very far from the first places after a bad start.

The balance of five draws and two defeats in the first seven dates in Argentine soccer led to the fans point out, among others, the Colombian defender.

The side was the protagonist of a play at the Boca Juniors stadium, where they made a tunnel that highlighted his bad moment in the duel and its weaknesses. Not even the team’s 1-0 win was enough.

Boca Juniors fans against Frank Fabra on Twitter

The reactions to this series of situations among fans of the Argentine team, where Colombians are generally experiencing a bad time, fell on Fabra.

Good part of the publications They were memes where they made fun of the bad state of the player, which still does not display its best level this season.

However, the criticism of some of the fans towards the footballer took a personal tinge, with insults not only racist but even wishing him death.

One of them even recalled the recent death of the side’s father, who died in Montería on July 7 after being a victim of the coronavirus.

“Let’s see if you follow your old man and you die too, Mongolian,” said a user on his Twitter account, in the middle of Boca Juniors’ match against Patronato.

The Colombian player, who was part of the Colombian National Team in the Copa América, could be one of those summoned by coach Reinaldo Rueda for the triple knockout date for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

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These were some of the insults on Twitter, where they wished the Boca Juniors defender death:




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