Everton analyzes that James stays a year, Benítez should use it and swallow his pride | Premier League

It has been said ad nauseam: James has been informed by the Everton board of the need for his departure in this summer market, they have told him that if a good offer comes they will listen to it and even the coach Rafa Benítez has informed him that, Faced with this reality, he does not take it into account for his project. What if reality changed?

The situation is that the Colombian is a 30-year-old player, very talented but very prone to injuries, who also costs, compared to others in his rank, a fortune: around 7 million euros per season. That explains why, two weeks after the market closes, there are no concrete offers for it.

And if August 31 arrives and there is nothing, the new normal of player and coach, beyond the disagreements in Real Madrid, they would have to find a way to live together without hurting themselves and looking for what is best for the interests of the club . Read: swallow pride.

Today the southpaw is in a very uncomfortable limbo and he lets it be seen, very naturally, in his already usual outings on Twitch. It is true that right now it is not available, because it is in isolation due to a close contact with a positive for covid 19 (it has not tested positive) and that adds to the boredom. But after August 24 he will be, hopefully healthy and ready to play. What will Benítez do?

The Liverpool Echo newspaper slides a scenario that, at this point, sounds like a prediction: “It is a very real possibility that James Rodríguez will wake up on September 1 still as an Everton player. What would happen then? Any complaints would have to be swept underneath. off the carpet as quickly as possible. It could be the case that Benitez has to swallow some pride, so to speak. Accept that Rodriguez is there to stay and find a place for him on the team, because, at the end of the day, He cannot afford to have a player of his quality ‘sulking’. “

The medium, which always praised James’ conditions, assures that “the 30-year-old is the best player the Blues have hired in a generation. In his day he can unlock the defense of any Premier League team. You have to find a system that works for him, and he can produce a lot of goals and assists, “he added.

There are still a few days to go, the phrase that of “never give up” makes one think, not of Atlético as a possible destination, but that agent Jorge Mendes is moving all his machinery to get a rabbit out of the hat, like that time, when he took him to Bayern being a forgotten one at Real Madrid.

But just in case he and Benítez could come up with a plan to take advantage of each other if the miracle does not come and they are sentenced to a year together. Here it is no longer what they want as much as what they have: an undeniable talent and an obligation to return Everton to European positions. Everything else can be saved.



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