Domestic violence a virus in MLB

“The fear of the woman to the violence of the man is the mirror of the fear of the man to the woman without fear”.

Eduardo Galeano

Baseball as an essential part of society, it does not escape gender or domestic violence as it is also known, it can be one of the most difficult types of situations to talk about and escape from.

Unfortunately, it can happen to anyone: women, men, children, between spouses and even friends. No one is immune to violence, it is an evil that attacks society and must be faced with severe punishments and not let it pass as a simple note for the historical record.

On December 11, 1973, César Cedeño, outfielder for the Houston Astros and Eastern Stars, locked himself up with Altagracia de la Cruz (Malena) in a room at the Keko motel in Santo Domingo and killed her with an “accidental” shot in head. In the interrogations it was recorded that “the two were drinking and playing with a gun, which went off, and the young woman died.” Cedeño surrendered to justice and was accused of involuntary manslaughter, released after spending 20 days in jail and the sentence was a $ 100 fine.

Major League Baseball created its domestic violence policy in 2015, where the player is investigated and punished for acts of domestic violence, sexual assault or child abuse, regardless of whether or not a legal punishment is given.

This year two stars of the Gran Circo, Starlin Castro and Marcell Ozuna have had to face alleged accusations of gender violence. And to put the lid on the pommel, a woman accuses Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer of hitting her and strangling her unconscious. The happy fists player virus has not been attacking as of now.

On January 30, 1990, at 3:45 am Lisa Strawberry called the police because Darryl Strawberry beat her and threatened her with a gun. The baseball player was released by posting a bond of US $ 12,000.

In 2003, Houston Astros shortstop defender Julio Lugo was arrested for hitting his wife Mabely Lugo and was released a day later after paying a $ 50,000 fine. He was later found not guilty because Mabely indicated that he exaggerated in his statement, but Houston switched Lugo to Tampa Bay.

One case that made headlines was that of José Reyes.

The former Mets shortstop was suspended for 51 games in the 2015 season when he was with the Colorado Rockies, being one of the first players to face politics that seeks to curb major league domestic violence.

In September 2019, information came to light of an incident of violence involving the Yankees pitcher Domingo Germán, who was suspended for 81 games.

An event that has shaken the sports field, occurred last weekend, when the National District prosecutor’s office accused on Saturday, August 28, the former player of the San Luis Cardinals, Juan Encarnación, of committing incest against his 11-year-old daughter .

Major League Baseball players who have been investigated for domestic violence and the games that were punished: José Torres (2018), 100 games; Héctor Olivera (2016), 82 games; Roberto Osuna (2018), 75 games; José Reyes (2016), 51 games; Addison Russell, (2018) 40 games; Aroldis Chapman, (2016) 30 games; Julio Urías, (2019) 20 games; Jeurys Familia, (2016) 15 games; Steven Wright (2018), 15 games; Miguel Sanó (2018), Without suspension; Yasiel Puig, (2016) Without suspension; Odubel Herrera, (2019) All season; Derek Norris (2017), All Season.

A DAY LIKE TODAY: Ty Cobb, known as “The Georgia Peach,” debuted on August 30, 1905, at Detroit’s Bennett Park against the New York Highlanders. He doubled off pitcher Jack Chesbro in the Tigers’ 5-3 victory. He had to pay for the hazing that was done to him and it was the only time he hit under .300.



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