Conversation after the Olympics: “Camel driver” Lagab accepts Moster’s apology

Sport Olympia in Tokyo

After the racism scandal – Lagab forgives the cyclist Moster

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Rad functionary Moster has to leave Tokyo after the racism scandal

Patrick Moster is now sent home early after his racist derailment. One day late, the DOSB decided that the sports director of the Association of German Cyclists had to leave the Olympic Games.

At the Olympics in Tokyo, Patrick Moster’s “camel driver” call made people suspect of racism. Now the German bicycle functionary spoke to Azzedine Lagab, whom he disparaged. The Algerian stressed the importance of apology for his religion.

“I didn’t know Patrick Moster, I only got to know him through this story. When he found out that I was in Germany, he insisted on meeting me privately – without the press and without anyone knowing, ”said 34-year-old Azzedine Lagab before the start of the second stage of the Germany Tour in Sangerhausen .

In an interview with “ARD” he added: “I agreed to see him and got a completely different impression of him, that he is not a racist and that the matter was a mistake on his part. It is important for us and our religion to apologize. I have forgiven him. “

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Employment followed the insult

Moster, sports director of the Bund Deutscher Radfahrer (BDR), cheered on Nikias Arndt from Cologne at the games in Tokyo with the words “get the camel drivers, get the camel drivers, come”, and the Lagab and Amanuel Ghebreigzabhier from Eritrea who were driving in front of him still to catch up.

Tokyo 2020 - Cycling

Patrick Moster, sports director of the BDR (Association of German Cyclists), and Azzedine Lagab from Algeria during the time trial at the Olympics in Tokyo

Source: dpa / Sebastian Gollnow

The calls were captured on television and broadcast live. After that, Moster had to leave Tokyo and was banned by the world association UCI until the end of the year.

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Christian Schenk

Shortly before the four-day tour of Germany, Lagab was hired by the Saarland Continental Team Bike Aid, who wanted to set an example against racism. “It is a great honor for me to be here, to represent my country and also to make Azzedine Lagab known, who unfortunately was previously unknown and only became famous because of what happened in Tokyo,” said Lagab.




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