Bulls “skewered” by Trieste, Allianz did well in the first summer friendly

A Cividale we see the ball in wedges after months of distance, but (above all) we also see some fans in the stands that were missed so much last season. The “first” summer dell’Allianz it is one of those that mainly serve to make a good mouth and to know who has been wearing the red and white shirt for only a few weeks. Although the level of the opponents of the evening was not exactly to … pull your hair, Trieste makes his a very enjoyable friendly match against the Austrian “bulls” of the Kapfenberg in the debut as head coach of Franco Ciani. The final 85-62 clearly shows the trend of the entire forty minutes of the race: Allianz playing the game and guests constantly chasing, in a comeback that will never materialize.

There is no luxury purchase of the red and white summer, that Adrian Banks forced into the pits by positivity at Covid, coach Ciani inevitably throws the new captain Cavaliero on the parquet right from the two-ball. Low rhythms at the opening of the match and many shooting errors on both sides, with Trieste leading 10-4 at 5 ‘and having a good Lever in painted by four points at the start of the game. The Allianz works well in the area, taking advantage of the physicality of Konate and Grazulis (one dunk each) to stay with their heads forward, but above all finding a lot of space under the Austrian iron thanks to a series of assists to the kiss served by Mian and Fernandez. The Julian advantage widens up to nine lengths on the 20-11 of the 9 ‘(triple feet on the ground by Thank you), in a period finale where there is also a bit of glory for the young Fantoma, with a free hit (21-13 at the first siren).

Trieste keeps the intensity high at the opening of the second quarter: despite the Bulls pocketing some triple from the corner, the gap opens up with the guests unable to block the red and white offensive outbursts. Of Deangeli, Grazulis e Sanders the “bombs” for the provisional +12 at 15 ‘(34-22). Despite a few too many turnovers, the Allianz remains well ahead thanks to their American duo on the parquet (+17 to 60 ” from the middle of the match on the dunk of Konate), with the maximum advantage of 18 points to materialize in the final stages.

With the result never really in question, with the passing of the minutes the quality of the plays on the parquet in Cividale decreases significantly. The Allianz also pays the price of fatigue, giving the Bulls the go-ahead in painted on more than a few occasions and not closing properly in defense: Trieste defends fourteen points ahead at 27 ‘(58-44, time-out called by Ciani ), still trying to draw actions in attack that prefer shots to the basket by their long shots. The gap at 30 ‘in favor of Allianz marks +17, the moment in which he rises to the chair Delia to put some order under the boards but also the personality of the young man The ghost, able to put himself at the service of the team on each side of the pitch. The game slipped away until the final 85-62: the first was good for Trieste, to break the ice that’s fine.


ALLIANZ TRIESTE – BULLS KAPFENBERG 85-62 (21-13, 48-30, 66-49)

ALLIANZ TRIESTE: * Sanders 9, Fernandez 2, * Konate 17, Deangeli 7, * Mian 6, Delia 16, Fantoma 5, * Cavaliero 7, Grazulis 12, * Lever 6. All. Ciani

BULLS KAPFENBERG: * Jamar 10, * Scott 2, * Podany 5, Grubor 12, Cigoja 10, * Grcic, Krstic 6, Scheittwieser, * Briggs 15, Zapf 2, Seher. Alles. Coffin



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