Bruges from Belgium announce the signing of Colombian José Izquierdo: is Villa no longer going? | Colombians Abroad

Colombian Éder Álvarez Balanta will have a compatriot playing alongside him in Bruges in Belgium. But the great news is that it is not about Sebastián Villa, as was rumored.

Although the Boca Juniors player has been the protagonist of an authentic novel, as he decided to leave the club and even travel to Colombia to be with his mother, and now, according to him, he has no communication with his managers. All to pressure the signing of Bruges from Belgium, who would have offered 8 million euros for their services, a figure that the ‘xeneizes’ considered insufficient and rejected.

But Brujas showed that he was playing other cards at the same time, curiously also by a Colombian, whom he signed on the limit of the market closing: none other than José Heriberto Izquierdo.

It is a left-handed winger, coincidentally the same conditions as Villa, but who passed without trauma from Brighton in England, where he practically did not count. In fact, Izquierdo returns to the team from where he left, in 2017, in exchange for 17 million euros and his new relationship is for one year. Something has to do with a delicate injury that limited him in England and that now the Belgians want to review carefully.

The 29-year-old player signed as a free agent and is now seeking revenge in the league that fired him in Europe and even led him to a Colombian national team.




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