Boari, pride of Rivalta: big party at the shooting range built after Rio

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Mayor Grassi awarded the bronze medal in the arch in Tokyo. “Our embrace and that of all the Mantuan people for the joy you have given us”

RIVALTA. When she appeared at the entrance of the archery field in via Pilota, with her crimson Flame Gold polo shirt, the crowd that awaited her dissolved in applause, opening on two sides to let her pass. Rivalta celebrated its sporting pride, its little big woman who returned from Tokyo with the Olympic bronze medal around her neck.

It is precisely ‘pride’ the key word in the speech with which the first woman to medal in the history of blue archery was welcomed by the mayor of Rodigo, Gianni Grassi. An excited mayor, by his own admission: in fact, it doesn’t happen every four years to celebrate an Olympic podium born and raised in his own country: “Thanks Lucilla, today we want you to get the embrace of Rivalta and all the Mantuan people with whom with pride we share the joy, the happiness you have given us ». At his side all the municipal administration, starting with the deputy mayor with responsibility for sport Luciano Chiminazzo. Then two regional councilors, Alessandra Cappellari and Barbara Mazzali, as well as a former, Annalisa Baroni, now a deputy. Together with the Municipality and the Mincio Park, the Region itself played an important role in the construction of the shooting range on the banks of the Mincio, as confirmed by the mayor. «An idea of ​​my predecessor Gianni Chizzoni – continues Grassi – which took shape after Lucilla’s already great fourth place in Rio at just 19 years old». A field well managed by the Gonzaga Archers, the first club of Boari, present at the party with the president Augusto Freddi and the deputy Roberto Basaglia (also provincial delegate Fitarco) in the lead. “I remember well when about ten years ago, upon request, I pointed out with a letter the talent of Lucilla then 12-13 years old” says Basaglia moved.

The parish priest Don Andrea Grandi, before the blessing, then remembers how successful the days of the Grest were right on the shooting range with the Gonzaga Archers as instructors. Because the beautiful and rare (for our province) plant was built especially for them, the young people, who were present in many yesterday afternoon to celebrate their idol.




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