Binder wins the Austrian Grand Prix with the riskiest bet

Updated:15/08/2021 15:20h


Brad Binder he endured, motorcycle turned into a scooter when the rain intensified with three laps to go. So shortly before the end, the South African preferred to bet that he arrived with dry tires and did not stop to change them. He sweated, trembled, had a bad time, but celebrated a most unexpected victory at the Austrian Grand Prix by making good the saying that “he who does not risk does not win”.

Because the race, still with clear clouds in the sky, was destined to carry the names of Bagnaia, Márquez, Quartararo or Martín on the podium. Above all the first three they had participated in a beautiful show for more than 20 laps and only at the end did the rookie of the season press, spurred on by victory last Sunday at this same circuit.

However, there were three laps to go, and in MotoGP, where you win by the thousandths, they were a world. The ‘favorites’ noticed that the bike was already slipping too much to hold the last 20 kilometers and decided, en bloc because no one trusts anyone in this World Championship, to enter to change vehicles. But they did not have time to recover the lost places, as there was another group that decided to bet everything that they ended up with dry tires even if they had to go through the curves as if instead of motorcycles they carried bicycles.

And of all of them, the one who endured the best was Binder, who took a good distance with the risk of falling inside the helmet, and prevented Baganaia and Martín, much fresher and safer, from ending their escape. The South African celebrates his first MotoGP victory this year. Behind, Bagnaia and Martín who risked, but not so much.

In the lower categories, Spanish power continues to rise. Raúl Fernández won the victory in an incontestable way, iron from the first lap, and pressures the leader Remy Gardner in the general. And in Moto3, the leader Pedro Acosta, fourth in the race, is joined by another powerhouse named Sergio García Dols, who managed to beat Danzi Oçu in the last sector of the Spielberg circuit on the last lap to climb the third victory of the course.

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