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Unique Tournament 2021: The Aviator achieves a victory that gives him respite, but still does not convince

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Wilstermann added his third victory of the Unique Tournament yesterday after beating Real Potosí 3-1, at the start of the ninth round of the championship, but he is still not convincing.

With this victory, Rojo can breathe and go up one square in the standings to thirteenth place with nine units, still waiting for what Real Santa Cruz will be able to do today when they receive Aurora.

Meanwhile, Real Potosí added its fifth consecutive defeat and cannot get out of the bottom of the table. It is in fifteenth place with only five points.


Wilstermann did not enter the game concentrated, it took almost 10 minutes before he was able to approach the opposite goal with some clarity.

Time in which the visit was the protagonist and was close to opening the scoring with a shot from Cameroonian Christian Bekamenga, who could not contain goalkeeper Daniel Sandy, who rebounded and for his fortune Santiago Echeverría managed to send the ball to the corner kick ( 10 ‘PT).

Wilstermann had possession of the ball, but it was sterile, because he could not clearly enter Carlos López’s goal.

The aviators tried to achieve that beautiful game that their fans fell in love with in past seasons, but they lacked a point guard in midfield, a place that Paúl Arano has not yet managed to fill.

The wear then happened to be Serginho and Patricio Rodríguez, combined with Humberto Osorio, who were the most incisive in the López area.

Wilstermann, little by little, tried to break the defensive fence of Real Potosí, which showed another face with the presence of Jordy Candia.

The clearest play for the locals only came at 28’PT, but Humberto Osorio wasted the opportunity by sending Serginho’s perfect center aside, which left him alone in front of goalkeeper López.

Real Potosí responded with a shot from the edge of the large area by Joel Fernández that demanded Sandy, who sent the ball to the corner kick (31’PT).

Wilstermann finally had his award for consistency. At 38’PT he broke the zero to zero, with the goal of Santiago Echeverría.

The play was started by Serginho, who took a cross from the corner kick for Echeverría to connect with his head, the shot was deflected by López, but unfortunately the ball went straight to the feet of Echeverría, who did not hesitate to push the ball at the back of the nets for 1-0, a result with which they went to rest.

In the second half, Wilstermann surprised Real Potosí. He extended the lead to just two minutes into the game.

Luis Garnica pushed Patricio Rodríguez close to the large area one minute after the actions started.

It was Rodríguez himself who raised the perfect center for Carlos Áñez to jump out of the Lila defense and connect a header that sent the ball into the back of the net, for 2-0 (2’ST).

The goal woke up Real Potosí, who, although without order, looked for the opposite goal and even tried the discount with long-distance shots.

Finally the discount came, but due to errors by Wilstermann’s defense. A free kick, after a foul on the edge of the area, generated a cross that could not be cleared in the small area and that in the end was pushed to the goal by Jordy Candia, for the 2-1 (16’ST).

But when Real Potosí got closer to the draw, the goal of tranquility came for Wilstermann at 22’ST.

Gilbert Álvarez sent a center that Arano connected almost falling and the ball rose near the goal, where Rodríguez waited for him and sent to the back of the nets before López managed to clear it for the final 3-1.

Wilstermann looked to extend the lead in the rest of the second half, but the score did not budge. El Aviador added his third victory and Lila his sixth defeat of the year.

Players are not entirely happy

Although the players were happy for the victory, the situation of the club, due to the economic issue and the treatment they receive from the leadership, they are not happy.

“It is a very complicated moment for the club. We are very uncomfortable with what is happening at the club, with how the managers are managing, but we will continue working and see what happens in the coming days. The victory does not hide the things that are not right, ”said Serginho.

The same voice had the rest of the team. It is known that there is a commitment from the board of directors to pay a month and the players hope that it is fulfilled.

“The situation is worrying because the youngest tell us that they no longer have money. Some are looking for where to borrow. The old ones are already owed five months”

Gilbert Alvarez

Forward Wilstermann


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